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Customer Spotlight - The Wilson's

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By: Editor
February 14, 2014
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Customer Spotlight - The Wilson's


Why did you purchase a home security system?

At first I bought it because my husband was working long hours. But after he went back to normal hours I loved it so much I decided to keep it.

Why FrontPoint Security?

I did a lot of research to find the right one for me. The online reviews were what helped make the decision much easier.

What feature(s) of the FrontPoint system do you like most?

Well the representatives are so helpful in telling you all of the awesome features that the system has to offer. But my favorite has to be that if it gets smashed it will still alert FrontPoint. It seems "bad guy proof."

How do you use your FrontPoint system?

For the most part I just use it to keep the house monitored and safe while I'm not home. But eventually I hope to get cameras and additional features added when we have children.

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