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Everything Home Security: Rundown of CES 2015

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Everything Home Security: Rundown of CES 2015
January 27, 2015

Everything Home Security: Rundown of CES 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an internationally renowned event where companies from across all industries get to show off their new gadgets and innovations in consumer technology. Frontpoint pays close attention to the event each year, as it gives us a sneak peek into what the tech world has in store for us, particularly in the home security arena.

At CES 2015, the unspoken, overall theme was the 'smart home' and was evident even in the home security gadgets. Listing all the innovations would be exhausting, but here's a rundown of what we thought might be of interest to you.

Netatmo Welcome

The Netatmo Welcome is a personal security camera device that syncs up with your smartphone, allowing you to view a live feed or recorded footage. Sound familiar?

What makes the Welcome different from all the other personal security camera devices out there is that it uses facial recognition technology to identify members of a household. When the camera detects someone, it’ll send a notification to your smartphone letting you know whether or not it recognizes them.

Honeywell Lyric Platform

Honeywell made its first-ever appearance at CES 2015 and introduced Lyric, a connected home platform that incorporates home security, automation and lifestyle management into one neat package.

At launch, the Lyric system will feature the Controller, the main control panel featuring voice commands, Z-Wave integration and a built-in camera. The system also will have four sensors available immediately: a door contact, motion detector, glass break detector and smoke detector. Smart Thermostat announced a next-generation smart thermostat at this year’s event – and it’s pretty cool. On the surface, it’s similar to current smart thermostats: it helps manage energy usage by automatically the temperature. It’s how the Smart Thermostat does this that separates it from the rest. also introduced a technology called Precision Comfort, which allows the smart thermostat to adjust the temperature in the rooms where people live and not simply where the thermostat is stationed. Precision Comfort is maintained through the use of temperature sensors that are placed in various areas throughout the home, allowing each room to get a unique setting.

Kwikset Kevo Plus

For anyone who forgets to lock their door often, Kwikset Kevo Plus could be the answer to their struggle. An extension to the base Kevo platform, users who upgrade to Kevo Plus can enable remote access to their locks through the mobile app, meaning they can lock or unlock their door from just about anywhere.

In addition, the Kevo Plus gives users unlimited use of eKeys, digital “guest” keys that can give someone else access for only specified times.


Did you follow CES 2015 at all? Let us know what you saw that you thought was amazing!

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Show her how much you care
February 13, 2015
Respectfully, why does it matter? I choose to use Nest devices in my home, so all I'm interested in is your security products. They should integrate with other services, but so far my system is the most disconnected part of my smart home. The equipment you sent me when I signed up last year was originally developed in 2010 or earlier. This post would make more sense if Frontpoint were actually on the cutting edge, but it's far from it.
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