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5 Things You Can Do with the Wireless Doorbell Camera

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Frontpoint's Wireless Doorbell Camera
November 3, 2022

5 Things You Can Do with the Wireless Doorbell Camera

Meet the Frontpoint Wireless Doorbell Camera! This battery-powered doorbell camera features HD video, Rapid Person Protection, Two-Way Audio, a wide field of view, and a rechargeable battery. It is entirely wireless and comes with a Smart Chime. 


Want to know more? Here are five things you can do with the Wireless Doorbell Camera: 

1. Customize your notifications with Rapid Person Detection & Ground Zones.

The Frontpoint Wireless Doorbell Camera is equipped with Video Analytics which means you can set it up to distinguish between routine activities and important events. Many basic doorbell cameras do not have these advanced features. Here are a couple of the features that Frontpoint’s Wireless Doorbell Camera offers:  

  • You can set it to notify you when it detects a person. Frontpoint's Wireless Doorbell Camera can recognize the human form and ignore any other motion it detects. Let’s say you want to be notified about people walking toward your door, simply open your Frontpoint app and customize your alerts accordingly. You won't get any extra notifications about cars driving by or animals moving across your front yard.
  • You can set up a virtual perimeter around your property. Maybe you live in front of a public sidewalk, and people are always walking by your home. With the Wireless Doorbell Camera, you don’t have to worry about getting notified about motion in areas that don’t concern you. Using the Frontpoint app, you can manually draw a Ground Zone around your property, so you’re only notified when someone actually steps onto it.

2. Place it's wireless!

Since this doorbell camera is completely wireless, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect mounting location without depending on existing doorbell wiring or chime.  

Many doorbell cameras in the industry are made to replace existing doorbells, which usually limits you to only the front door. With Frontpoint’s Wireless Doorbell Camera, wiring is not holding you back.

Want to put it on your back door? Your guest house door? You got it. The only thing this doorbell needs is to be connected over Wi-Fi to the Frontpoint Smart Chime. 

Mounting Frontpoint's Wireless Doorbell CameraMounting Frontpoint's Wireless Doorbell Camera
Mounting Frontpoint's Wireless Doorbell Camera

3. See, hear and speak with visitors.

The Wireless Doorbell Camera has streaming video and Two-Way Audio which means you can see, hear and speak with visitors using the Frontpoint app.  

Let’s say you’re on vacation in another country, and someone rings your doorbell. You’ll be notified on your smartphone so you can check to see who it is and talk to them, even if you’re halfway across the world.

Frontpoint’s Wireless Doorbell Camera has a 6-degree advantage on the vertical view of Ring’s doorbell camera, so you can view both the package on the ground and the face of your visitor at once. It also comes with an optional 10-degree wedge for angling the doorbell camera as needed to find the perfect positioning.  

4. Choose a customized doorbell tone.

The Smart Chime is included with Frontpoint’s Wireless Doorbell Camera. Many smart chimes in the industry, such as Ring’s, must be purchased separately for as much as $50.  

With the Smart Chime, you can add a little bit of personality to your doorbell tone. Choose from 20 unique tones on the Frontpoint app. Change your Smart Chime’s tone or volume as often as you’d like by going to its Device Settings in the Frontpoint app.  

Picture of Smart ChimePicture of Smart Chime
The Frontpoint Smart Chime

5. Extend the Wi-Fi range for your Frontpoint cameras

If you have any other Frontpoint cameras, you’re in luck. The Frontpoint Smart Chime boosts your Wi-Fi to help maintain a steady connection for any Frontpoint camera. It improves the connectivity and extends the range for up to 8 cameras at a time.  

Many standard doorbell cameras do not come with a Smart Chime, so you'd be missing out on the Wi-Fi extension benefits. 

The Frontpoint Wireless Doorbell Camera is a great addition to any home. With high-resolution video, Two-Way audio, Rapid Person Protection, included Smart Chime, and so much more, it is one of the best doorbell cameras in the industry.  

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