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FrontPoint Advantage: Cellular v. Wireless

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By: Editor
February 24, 2014
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FrontPoint Advantage: Cellular v. Wireless

Wireless is a term that is thrown around loosely in the home security industry, and that’s a problem. Too often, when a company advertises their security system as wireless, it’s not 100% wireless.

What exactly does it mean to be 100% wireless? It means that, beyond wireless sensors, the way a system sends communications to a monitoring station needs to be wireless too. And that means cellular monitoring.

There’s a reason why FrontPoint systems all feature cellular monitoring: it’s the most reliable and, more importantly, the safest.

In the US, security systems in most homes traditionally use hardwired communications – phone and internet lines. These methods of communication are outdated, vulnerable, and have well-known weak points. All a burglar needs to do is get a pair of wire cutters and then cut the wires. This effectively renders an alarm system useless, turning it into a noisemaker with no way to notify the authorities of an emergency.

A security system with cellular monitoring on the other hand, has no wires for a burglar to cut. The cellular radio allows the security system to operate as a cell phone would – a communication that can’t be interrupted even if the phone and internet lines are cut, or even when the power goes out.

A burglar would have to physically get his hands on the FrontPoint system to mess with it, but even then it would be a futile attempt. All FrontPoint systems are protected by patented Crash-and-Smash technology. When anyone attempts to physically destroy the Control Panel, an immediate alarm will be triggered, notifying the authorities.

The FrontPoint security system, backed by wireless and cellular technology, is virtually undefeatable. When combined with’s stellar 24/7 monitoring and FrontPoint’s unmatched customer service, there is simply no better option on the market.

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