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FrontPoint Advantage: Do-It-Yourself

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April 25, 2014
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FrontPoint Advantage: Do-It-Yourself

The FrontPoint Do-It-Yourself (or DIY) alarm system is easier and more convenient than traditional home security systems, and here’s why.

No Intrusive Install

The highlight of a DIY setup is the elimination of the need for a professional installation. Customers are no longer forced to schedule their day around a ridiculous time frame waiting for a technician. No longer do they have to allow a stranger into their home, only to watch the stranger drill holes into their wall. Best of all, customers no longer have to pay large installation fees.

Traditional wired security systems burden users with complicated wiring, intrusive installations and more. FrontPoint users are able to avoid all these issues, thanks to a security system that is 100 percent wireless. The installation is hassle-free, no tools are required and can be done by an individual in as little as 30 minutes!

Ready Out-of-the-Box

FrontPoint customers are rewarded with a security system that is ready for installation upon arrival on their doorstep. Remove the Control Panel from the box and plug it in, then place the security sensors around the house. Call FrontPoint to activate and the system is ready to protect homes – it’s that simple.

Grows & Goes with You

The DIY approach also makes it incredibly easy for customers add on sensors at any given time. Years after initially purchasing the system, they can still add a new sensor and integrate it without requiring a technician.

The easy placement of security sensors also creates an overlooked benefit of the DIY FrontPoint system: easy moving. Renters and homeowners looking to move do not waste their investment. All they have to do is pick up their FrontPoint system and take it to their new home.

The DIY setup is an aspect of the FrontPoint experience that customers love. Many first-time security system users expressed concern that they’d have to deal with a complicated installation, only to have their worries removed after trying out FrontPoint. Home security has never been so easy!

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