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Geo Services - Latest Feature by

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May 30, 2014

Geo Services - Latest Feature by

FrontPoint Security’s close working relationship with has produced many benefits for customers, including access to a wide variety of features. One of the most useful features currently available is Geo-Services.

The core aspect of Geo-Services is the ‘geo-fence’ – a user-specified invisible area that surrounds the location of the security system (typically a home or office). Whenever the user passes through the geo-fence, either by leaving or coming into the area, the rules and settings that have been applied will go automatically go into effect.

The rules and settings that can be applied are:

  • Arming notifications – A notification will be sent to the customer’s phone whenever they leave the geo-fence without arming the security system. The customer then can use the mobile app to conveniently arm their system.
  • Thermostat automation – The home’s temperature will automatically adjust based on whether the user is leaving or arriving. Having the thermostat shut off when leaving and turning on when arriving back home is an effective way to remain comfortable, while reducing the electricity bill.
  • Video recording – Any security camera tied to the FrontPoint system will pause recording when the user is within the geo-fence. This rule can be specified to certain cameras, so the outdoor camera could remain recording while the indoor ones are paused.

FrontPoint and are both focused on improving the user experience. Geo-Services is just one example of features designed to make a customer’s life a little bit easier.

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