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FrontPoint Customer Spotlight – Cheri Morgan

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By: Editor
January 6, 2014
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FrontPoint Customer Spotlight – Cheri Morgan

Why did you purchase a home security system?

I had put off buying a home security system because I live in an apartment (and I hadn't heard of anyone in an apartment having a system- so I thought you couldn't have one in a rental) and I also believed you needed to have a land line phone to have a security system. I didn't know they made them wireless. On June 8, 2012 I came home to a broken window and an open front door and an apartment that was cleared of electronics and trashed by burglar’s hours before. Everything sat open all day and not one neighbor or maintenance person took the time to call the police. That was a life changing day.

Why FrontPoint Security?

I did what everyone does and called your competitor (ADT) immediately and they made an appointment to come the following day. They explained all kinds of crazy financial gimmicks that included high install costs that would be returned on a gift card after 8 weeks of service. Although I was in a panic over what had just happened, I knew I had to look further because I just knew there had to be something that was more straight forward. I also had not heard many good customer experiences from people that used the other company. Since I no longer had a laptop I had to go to a store with internet and computers and do a quick search and just print out the numbers and start calling. I called some that went to voice-mail and some were just third party to you competitor (ADT). Front Point came up on the list and I called. I got a really great sales person and he explained all my options. He was so excellent for that time in my life, he wasn't high pressure sales, he was calm and level headed, and sent me everything to review on email. He also sent me links that showed customer feedback and FrontPoint's industry ranking. I called and canceled my ADT appointment and ordered and called my Front Point salesperson and ordered my system. It arrived within 2 days.

What feature(s) of the FrontPoint system you like most? 

I use the app on my phone to disarm when I get home most nights because I have bags and my son and a lot to get in the door before I disarm, so that app allows me to disarm my residence easily. I also use the website to monitor when the apartment maintenance people come in and leave for routine maintenance. Having the option of giving them their own code and having the alerts come on email is a great piece of mind.

How do you use your FrontPoint system?

I have sensors on the windows and doors and also installed on my external laundry room door. I may be considered tacky by some but I have the Front Point lawn sign in my front window as well as the stickers on the windows. There is no question that I have an alarm and who my service is through. Although an alarm doesn’t keep you from being robbed or burglarized, the signs let the criminals know what they’re getting involved in and I think it encourages them to move along to apartments without an alarm. I keep my alarm on at all times unless I am going in and out a lot for some reason. But even sitting home watching TV I keep it on. Front Point has given me the greatest sense of security. I will always be grateful for Front Point and I will always use Front Point as my security service.

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Barry Queen
January 8, 2014 at 6:37 PM
Cheri, had almost same thing happen, only while we were waiting for appointment we were robbed. I just picked up phone and called Front Point no. that a neighbor had given me. Love the system. We live in private home. Police caught our guy. Yesss, 7 years in hoosegow.
Peter M. Rogers
January 9, 2014 at 5:43 PM
Barry - Thanks so much for posting your comment here. Glad to have you as a valued member of the FrontPoint family, and even happier to hear that one more perp will be off the streets for a while. That's good police work. And with a FrontPoint system, you can now enjoy some real peace of mind. Thanks again.
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