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FrontPoint Friday: Marketplace Opens

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July 25, 2014
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FrontPoint Friday: Marketplace Opens

During my two years at FrontPoint – and I imagine before my time – there’s been one thing that has consistently brought pain and suffering to me and my fellow employees.

This thing was mean and a downright bully. It took money from employees. Sometimes it would tease you by pretending to give something back in return, only to hold it just out of your reach! How cruel. Even those brave enough to stand up to it had little success in getting what they wanted, no matter how many shoulder tackles they threw at it.

The mere presence of this thing was unhealthy. We could always see it out of the corner our eye as we walked through the halls and lobby. And there was nothing we could do to escape it – it didn’t need rest and therefore, it never left.

Yes my friends, I’m talking about the vending machine; the machine that has done nothing but torment us since the dawn of man.

The FrontPoint Marketplace

But no longer – the FrontPoint Marketplace is here!

Our hero has arrived and brought with it the snack selections that we deserve.

No longer do we have to watch as the vending machine eats our dollar. No longer do we have to watch as our delicious treat gets stuck. And no longer do we have to throw our shoulders out by trying to free the treat!

“How awesome is the FrontPoint Marketplace?”

It’s pretty awesome. It’s like someone went to the nearest convenience store and then took a good chunk of it and put it in the middle of our atrium.

The amount of snack and lunch choices is daunting compared to what we had before. There’s a stand with a wide variety of chips and candy, as well as baskets of pastries and cereal. There’s also one fridge filled with goodies like fruit cups and sandwiches, and another that is loaded with drinks. There’s no Baja Blast in there, but I’ll survive for now.


Best of all, paying for items is no longer a chore because the new scanner is actually (dare I say) friendly. It works just like one of those self-checkout scanners at a grocery store – scan, swipe and eat.

“Wait, does that mean I can use my debit/credit card now?”

The answer is a resounding yes! Depending on your self-control, this is either good or bad news. I apologize to your wallet in advance.

There’s also the option to grab a ‘market card,’ a nifty little tag you can pre-load money on to.

The Marketplace is another example of FrontPoint's efforts to listen to its employees.  The days of wallowing in misery after watching the vending machine eat our money are over!

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