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FrontPoint Friday: Meet Deedra Clark

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June 13, 2014
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FrontPoint Friday: Meet Deedra Clark

Imagine being on a balcony as the sun sets, you overlook a busy, metropolitan area. You’ve just finished working for the day and next to you is the CEO and CFO of your company, sharing their honest hopes, dreams and ideas for the future.

Seems like a scene out of a movie, right?

Well, this surreal experience actually happened to Deedra Clark, one of the first FrontPoint employees and current Director of Training and Quality Assurance. And after Andrew Burk, she was the next person that I had a chance to speak to about her time at FrontPoint.

Share more about that night on the balcony.

It’s the one FrontPoint memory that will stick with me forever. I was on the balcony with [CEO] Chris Villar, [CFO] Aaron Shumaker and a few others. It was only my second week at FrontPoint and I couldn’t believe how awesome everyone was all the time. Chris and Aaron were talking about how they had big dreams for the business. I couldn’t help but be excited with them about what FrontPoint was going to become.

Only your second week! I know you’re one of the first employees, but how long have you been with the company?

My paystub says I’m employee number 10, but I’ve been told 11, 12 and even 13. So, I’m going to just stick with what’s in writing. One thing I know for sure is that my anniversary is on March 16, 2009.

That means you just passed your five-year anniversary! What’s been the best thing about working at FrontPoint?

The energy of this place is addictive. There is always a new challenge to meet and new goals to shatter. It’s exciting and rewarding to work with so many talented people and to be surrounded by success.

How has FrontPoint changed over time?

We’ve grown up a lot. New processes, more tiers and structures, and so much growth. It’s still just as fun and challenging as it was five years ago, but now it’s a little more difficult to know every face and name.

I’m sure you’re well-versed in FrontPoint’s core values – Build Trust, Dream Big, Be Awesome – tell us how you use them every day.

I think starting with trust allows the other core values to follow suit, so I try to build trust daily with my team and with everyone I interact with.

Dreaming big is easy to do at FrontPoint because I’ve watched the company grow and achieve so many goals that thinking about the next level of awesomeness has become second nature.

Being awesome is something I tie back to attitude. FrontPoint has always been about solutions and tackling things together for a shared win, and that can only be done when we all face each day with a positive attitude towards our jobs, each other and our customers.

Dream big about FrontPoint’s future: What are you most excited about?

I’m most excited to continue to watch and be part of the growth of the brand. FrontPoint will keep climbing and I’m looking forward to seeing it become a household name that people will immediately trust.

Here’s an easy way to end: Describe FrontPoint in one word.


Tune in next Friday! I’ll be sharing some of my own insights about working at FrontPoint – or rather, how to survive at FrontPoint.

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