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FrontPoint Friday: Meet Derek Snell

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July 4, 2014
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FrontPoint Friday: Meet Derek Snell

Finding a job you love is hard. It’s even harder to find a job where your voice is heard and recognized.

So when Derek Snell started at FrontPoint and was asked for his thoughts, he knew he found the right place.

“It didn’t matter who I was, where I came from, or what I knew prior to FrontPoint,” he recently told me. “All that was asked of me was ‘what can you bring to the table to help FrontPoint be even better?’ I was given a voice and rewarded for speaking up.”

You’ve already met Deedra and Andrew, now meet another of FrontPoint’s finest and longest-tenured employees, Derek Snell, Senior Manager of Sales.

At five-plus years now, you’re practically ancient in FrontPoint years. What employee number were you?

I’m listed as employee No. 8 on my paystubs, but only four current members of FrontPoint have more tenure than me – FrontPoint’s three founders and VP Phil Pearson.

That’s quite an accomplishment! Are there any notable differences between working here now versus five years ago?

I no longer get hot chocolate hand-delivered to my desk by the CEO and CFO each day.

In all seriousness, when I started, I thought FrontPoint was innovative, cool and different than others in our industry. Five years later, I know we are!

It seems like you’ve worked a lot with, or at least been around, the founders since day one.

Yup. I’ll never forget being called into [CEO] Chris Villar’s office to listen to a voice recording of a FrontPoint customer I had signed up six months prior. The customer was being broken into and thanks to our system and excellent service, the local police apprehended the intruders. It was at this point that I truly felt like I was making a difference to the customers I spoke with.

That’s awesome! Since then, you’ve moved from being a Security Consultant to managing your own team of Security Consultants. How do you find yourself using FrontPoint’s core values – Build Trust, Dream Big, Be Awesome?

I wake up every morning, look in the mirror and remember where I came from. I make decisions that impact Security Consultants on a daily basis, so while I have my management hat on, I wear the shoes of the workforce. I build trust with my team, dream big for FrontPoint and always try to stay awesome to both.

What would you like to see in FrontPoint’s future?

I’d love to see FrontPoint extend internationally to Australia. I was born there and spent the first three years of my life there, so going back for FrontPoint would be a dream come true.

Just a couple of quick-hitters to wind down: describe FrontPoint in one word.


And what food could you eat every day?

Easy. Bacon. Any way, shape or combination thereof.

There you have it. Stay tuned next week as we share more insights from Life at FrontPoint.

Is there something about our company or culture you’re dying to know more about? Let us know in the comments below!

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