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Get the Straight Scoop on Home Security Systems: Consumer Reports and Online Reviews

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By: Editor
July 18, 2013
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Get the Straight Scoop on Home Security Systems: Consumer Reports and Online Reviews

Thanks to the online resources at our fingertips, we no longer have to make buying decisions based on what we read in ads. We can turn to trusted third-party reviewers, or, better yet, other consumers, to get the straight scoop, without any marketing fluff. If you’re looking for a home security system, a little online research will go a long way to helping you identify the best features, service and value.

Consumer Reports is usually a good place to start – a resource consumers have used since 1936, when advertising first flooded the marketplace.  However, we were surprised to find that Consumer Reports doesn't review home security systemsComments in their online forum suggest that other readers are as disappointed as we were. However, we did find some helpful tips on preventing burglary at home. The tips article includes a brief, informative video on the Schlage automated deadbolt door lock, one of the products FrontPoint supports in our home automation suite. Note, however, that even great safety tips can’t give you the level of security and peace of mind you’d enjoy with a wireless home security system, monitored 24/7.

Consumer Reports vs. User Reviews

Consumer Reports says their mission is to provide “a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers and to empower consumers to protect themselves.” The organization hires teams of experts to test products in their lab, and then write factual, unbiased reports. While Consumer Reports claims to have the most subscribers of any website of this type, we've found that you don’t need to pay for a subscription to get unbiased reports from industry experts. The home security industry has its own set of focused, free websites that rank home security providers based on several key factors. Examples include A Secure Life, Alarm System Report and Best Home Alarm Systems HQ.

There are other popular organizations like Consumer Reports that evaluate a wide range of products, including home security systems. Examples are Top Consumer Reviews,, and The Top Tens.

When websites like these conduct their own research, they often take user reviews into account. User reviews are valuable because they reflect real-life experience. They not only describe the users’ favorite features, but will also say a great deal about how the company treats people. Customer service and provider responsiveness are especially critical in an industry like home security.

User Reviews for FrontPoint

A smart company cares more about customer feedback than almost any other business factor. In today’s competitive environment, you won’t stay in business for long unless you’re pleasing the customer (an exception may be the cable companies, which have monopolies in many parts of the country). Using customer feedback, companies can continually improve and advance both their service and the industry as a whole, driving innovation and excellence.

At FrontPoint, customer satisfaction is much more than a slogan. We read every customer comment – across a wide spectrum of web and social platforms – and there are thousands of them. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, as well as our integrity in every customer interaction. And we are thrilled to report that our customer focus pays off. FrontPoint has the best reputation in the home security industry and is rated #1 on more review sites than any other alarm company. Our customer satisfaction rating is an impressive 97%.

The Proof Is Online

Google the phrase “FrontPoint reviews,” or look up FrontPoint on any of your favorite review sites. Then check out the home security industry websites. Here’s the kind of data you will find:

  • Yelp – 5 stars
  • A Secure Life – #1
  • Angie’s List – Super Service Award
  • Top Consumer Reviews – #1
  • Alarm System Report – 5 stars
  • BBB accredited

A #1 rating is not an empty accolade. Expert reviewers look for top performance, service and features. In the world of home security systems, 100% wireless equipment and built-in cellular monitoring connections are paramount. Consumers also demand a robust suite of customizable interactive features with mobile apps and remote control capabilities. To earn the #1 spot, a company must provide the best in technology, while truly taking care of the customer and offering affordable, competitive pricing.

How About Other Alarm Companies?

After Googling “FrontPoint reviews,” try it with our competition. Of course, search results vary for everyone, but when I Google “ADT reviews” the first things I see (besides the ads) are a lowly 2-star rating on Yelp and 1 star on Consumer Affairs, along with a litany of customer complaints. Protect America didn't fare any better. In fact, you’ll see our competitors on some sites where you will not find FrontPoint: complaint sites such as RipOffReports and PissedConsumer.

Once you've done a little homework, gathering feedback from real users with real-life needs similar to yours, you’ll be able to choose a home security system that brings you true peace of mind.

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