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Google Acquires Nest Labs

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By: Editor
January 18, 2014
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Google Acquires Nest Labs

While normally Saturday is our day to share “FrontPoint Picks” – nuggets of interesting stories from the web – this week we wanted to talk about Google acquiring Nest Labs for $3.2 billion. This is arguably the biggest tech story of the week and we can’t help but talk about it.

Incredible price tag aside, this merger between the colossus Google and home automation startup Nest is huge news to us and the rest of the home security industry. The deal has the potential to change the landscape of the home security and automation markets.

Google hasn’t been shy about acquiring companies, but buying Nest could be an indication that the smart home will be taking a huge leap forward in the months to come. Nest, which plans on operating as its own entity for the time being, now has the immense wealth and power of Google backing it. This means more resources for faster development of new technology and products.

Speculation mixed with facts has been circulating throughout the Internet, so we won’t go any further with it. However, some of the information has been so interesting that we had to share it with you. Here are five of the best stories about this new relationship:

Winners and Losers in Google’s Acquisition of Nest

It might be a little early to designate winners and losers of the acquisition, but it’s still interesting to see the immediate reaction. Let’s hope someone revisits this in a year’s time after we have a better idea of how this has affected the landscape.

A Toehold Into Goods for a Home

Google dominates the Internet. It has been less successful in its attempts to expand into our homes, but the acquisition of Nest might be the jumpstart the company needed. The New York Times takes a closer look Google’s new direction.

Another Hairball to the Privacy Debate

Google’s recent behavior with Gmail and YouTube has raised public concern about privacy. With the acquisition of Nest, customers are concerned that customer data will be shared with Google.

How Google and Nest Could Get the Smart Home All Wrong

Google’s acquisition of Nest might be a big sign of things to come for smart homes, but it won’t be easy according to this article. CNET lists certain mistakes that Google needs to avoid.

Why Apple Didn’t Buy Nest

One of the biggest surprises of the acquisition (besides the immense price Google paid) was that it done by Google, and not Apple. The two Nest founders were ex-Apple employees and they’re products even looked Apple-esque. It made sense, so why didn’t it happen?

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