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8 Holiday Safety Tips to Protect Your Home and Family

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8 Holiday Safety Tips to Protect Your Home and Family
December 6, 2022

8 Holiday Safety Tips to Protect Your Home and Family

The holiday season is a wonderful time, but it’s also a concerning time for property theft. A higher volume of delivered packages and a stock of new, valuable items ready to be gifted can make this a vulnerable time for homeowners. A monitored, smart security system is an excellent deterrent against burglars. Here are a few holiday safety tips on preparing your home for the season and keeping your family and belongings safe. 

1. Choose the right security system for your family’s needs.

First, find a security system that will work around the clock to keep track of who’s coming and going, even during the family’s busiest times. Getting the best protection takes a bit of research and planning.  


Consider your family’s priorities and daily behaviors. Is your family often away from home? How does the holiday season affect your family’s routines? At what times is the home most vulnerable? If family members often forget to lock the doors, choose a security system that offers remote control of smart door locks through a home security mobile app. Unique user codes for door locks can also help monitor all the scheduled guests this year. 

2. Install a Doorbell Camera

With a doorbell camera, you can keep an eye out for porch pirates, which may be a problem if you’re receiving many packages in preparation for the holiday season. With live streaming video, you can spot a porch pirate in real-time and Two-Way Audio will allow you to let them know they’re being recorded.  

The Frontpoint Wireless Doorbell Camera features HD video, Rapid Person Protection, Two-Way Audio, a wide field of view, and a rechargeable battery. Since it’s wireless, you can put it on any door, even if there isn’t existing doorbell wiring. It comes with a Smart Chime that has 20 different doorbell tones, including a few holiday ones that will help you get in a festive mood! 

3. Get the family involved.

Sharing is caring, and when it comes to family safety, every family member should participate. When the kids are done playing outside, make sure they bring their toys into the house. Toys and tools left abandoned outside can suggest that a home is unoccupied.  
Teach your teenage children how to control the lights and locks on their cell phones with a mobile security app like the Frontpoint app. If they head out of the house while you are also out, there will be no excuses for forgetting to lock up. Instruct them to leave a few lights on inside and outside the house while it’s empty. A well-lit home, particularly since it’s getting darker earlier now, can prevent burglars.

4. If you have more than one property, get more than one security system.

One security system might not be enough for a family with multiple properties. Managing multiple accounts on one mobile security app is easy with an interactive security system.  

Check up on motion activity, forbidden area door sensors, and live or recorded video from multiple cameras. The SD Card feature on the Frontpoint Indoor and Outdoor cameras allows you to watch a full video history for up to 29 days in the past, so you’ll know exactly what is going on inside and outside your home.

If someone is having their own party at your rental property with guests you’re unfamiliar with, a smart security system will give you peace of mind. 

5. Set up instant notifications.

To keep a home safe and track unexpected behaviors, double-check your account and sensor history from a computer or cell phone, especially when away from the property. Also, set up customized notifications to find out when there’s activity at home. Get alerted if a window or door is opened, see who is at the door, find out exactly who disarmed the security system with user-specific disarm codes, and watch the kids getting home from school.

6. Utilize home automation.

Got a lot on your mind this holiday season? You’re not alone. A lot is going on during this time! If you’re concerned about remembering to lock the doors, turn off the lights, arm the security system and adjust the thermostat, there’s a simple solution! Choose a security system that offers a home automation solution—one touch of a smartphone can do any of these things.

The Frontpoint app allows you to manage your system and smart products remotely. Set up automation schedules on the website for an extra level of convenience. Save time and energy with a smarter security system. 

7. Put out your security yard signs.

Your first line of defense is letting potential burglars know that you have a security system in place. Your home will not be an appealing target if you have yard signs and window stickers that brag about your top technology smart security system. So, when decorating the outside of your home for the holidays, remember to include your home security system’s yard signs too! 

8. Be careful on social media.

Announcing the details of your holiday plans on social media can be surprisingly dangerous. Burglars often scour the internet for information on when certain homes may be empty. Maybe wait to post about going to your parent’s house for the weekend until you’re already back home and have all the family photos to show off to friends! 

Don’t let negativity affect your holiday cheer. Following these holiday safety tips can help keep your home—and your holiday cheer—protected this season. Frontpoint remains fully committed to your safety and peace of mind. A monitored security system is the best way to deter would-be burglars. Choose Frontpoint and see why we lead the way with world-class service and support. Enjoy your holiday, safe travels – and be safe. 

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