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News Report on Door Knockers in Buffalo, NY Raises More Concerns

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August 18, 2011
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News Report on Door Knockers in Buffalo, NY Raises More Concerns

As summer starts to wind down, reports of complaints on door knocking alarm sales people continue to hit local news channels across the US. Every week I see numerous articles: in many of them, one or more door-to-door alarm companies have been banned from operating in a city or county because of the escalating complaints about fraudulent or overly aggressive sales tactics. Today’s source article from upstate New York provides a clear example of why more and more jurisdictions are closing the door (literally and figuratively!) on these companies.

Janet Pietras never thought about getting a home security system. She figured she already had three, Pietras said, "Because I have three German Shepherds and they're great." But when a few Platinum Protection Security salesmen showed up at her door selling a security system, they made an offer she couldn't refuse.

A Sales Presentation that Plays with the Facts

"He said he wanted to use my house as a demo home and it would cost nothing," explained Pietras. So she signed a contract and then found out about the monthly monitoring fee. Pietras said, "He never mentioned that until they were drilling holes in my wall." Her alarm went off the very next day, but no one came. Platinum Protection says that it's rare that a homeowner won't get a call following the alarm being activated. Nevertheless, Pietras canceled her service. She says she was turned off by the sales pitch. "I should have known better," said Pietras.

This consumer’s experience is a classic - taken directly from the door knocker playbook. I strongly suggest that you read this post about door-to-door alarm sales tactics before you ever let one of their salespeople through your door.

Another Potential “Victim” Just Says No

Rich Fontana was a bit skeptical when they came to his door. "They said, 'We'll give you free security system all the time, no charge for three years.' It sounded too good to be true, so I went along with their bait," said Fontana. But he turned the salesmen away, although some of his neighbors didn't. Cheektowaga Police received calls about the aggressive tactics of the door-to-door sales reps.

One would expect that we can trust employees of alarm companies. After all, they supposedly undergo thorough background checks, and are charged with protecting the lives and property of homeowners. But there is just too much money to be made from inflated sales commissions, and there are other temptations: just a few weeks ago I posted on the technician from a “door knocker” alarm company who was arrested for stealing a ring during an alarm installation. I am increasingly convinced that the very best alarm system may be the one you research and buy on line, and then set up yourself.

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