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Home Alarm Systems – Real Burglary Stories from FrontPoint Customers

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October 15, 2010
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Home Alarm Systems – Real Burglary Stories from FrontPoint Customers

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FrontPoint knows when its alarm subscribers experience real break-ins. First, we get the facts from our central station, but our customers also tell us what happened, including how their alarm systems caught the intruders in the act. I posted recently on a small business that survived a forced entry (including how the FrontPoint system still worked, despite a direct hitfrom a baseball bat!). Today I’m sharing a story from a Saginaw, Michigan customer who was broken into. In this case, the bad guy tore out a first-floor screen and came in through the window – but the system’s motion sensor caught him. Here’s what happened next:

  • Since there is no “entry delay” after a motion sensor activation, the FrontPoint system immediately went into intrusion mode.
  • The system’s siren (roughly 100db) sounded, scaring off the intruder.
  • The FrontPoint system used its built-in cellular radio to contact the monitoring center.
  • The customer received an email notification of the intrusion event on her BlackBerry.
  • The monitoring center called the customer to verify the intrusion event.
  • With the customer not home, it appeared to be a real intrusion, so the monitoring center dispatched the police.

While it’s sad news that another home was broken into, the great news is that nothing was taken – and everything worked exactly the way the system is designed to work. The alarm customer also had the comfort of knowing that the FrontPoint system would have worked even if the intruder had cut the home phone line – because of safer cellular monitoring.

FrontPoint is the choice of a growing number of alarm system subscribers across the US and Canada – and while real alarm events are nothing to brag about, they have become a reality in more and more neighborhoods where crime used to be unheard of. Choosing an alarm system is all about peace of mind: since FrontPoint is the leader in interactive, wireless home security, picking an alarm company is easier than ever. We don’t wish an alarm event on anybody – but we are proud to be the first line of defense when it happens.

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