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Home Alarm Systems Reviews – Favorite Video Reviews by our Customers

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By: Editor
August 27, 2013
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Home Alarm Systems Reviews – Favorite Video Reviews by our Customers

We think one of the best ways to pick a home alarm system – or any product – is to read the reviews and gather unbiased feedback from other customers. In today’s rich online world, we have lots of resources available. And to make it more fun, we also have online video reviews.

This blog takes a look at some of our favorite video reviews from customers, as well as a video recommendation from one of the top websites in the home security industry.

Video #1 – Watch Dog Alternative

You gotta love videos with animals! This review from FrontPoint customer Michael of Richey, FL has always been one of our favorite videos. Michael shows us how his golden retriever, Nugget, was supposed to act as watch dog, protecting their home. But Nugget had other ideas.

Scrapping the watch-dog idea, Michael started searching for a wireless home security system that gave him total control. He wanted wireless because it’s safer than traditional alarm systems, and easier to set up. Michael was impressed with FrontPoint’s simplicity and knowledgeable support staff.

Besides the footage of Nugget, we love this video because Michael and his family take advantage of FrontPoint's versatility, protecting their home against fire as well as burglary, and using an assortment of wireless sensors. Next on their list? A FrontPoint security camera for the backyard!

Video #2 – A Customized Solution

This customer is perfect for FrontPoint, because she truly needed a customized alarm system. Our staff loves working closely with you to determine exactly what you need, and then help you get it. That kind of service was important to Adrienne because, as she put it, “I literally called about 80 times” to get all her questions answered. She happily reports that FrontPoint personnel are “patient and caring.”

Adrienne goes on to explain that she didn't want a salesman coming to her house – so those 80 phone calls worked perfectly! She didn't want an installation technician either, so with our DIY setup she could avoid the intrusion, as well as the "mess." Most importantly, she needed wireless alarm equipment so she could preserve the integrity of the home her husband had built. See it all in this video!

Video #3 – A Company You Can Trust

We know homeowners aren’t the only ones who deserve peace of mind. So we love this video review from Eric, who lives in a condo complex. Like many customers these days, Eric doesn’t have a landline! That means he needed a home security system with cellular monitoring.

Eric was surprised to learn that some alarm companies don’t even offer cellular. And discouraged to find that others “add on $12 or $20, just to have that capability!” Fortunately for him, every security system FrontPoint sells has a cellular signaling device built in – for no extra charge.

Watch this video to see the other ways that Eric uses FrontPoint’s “twenty-first century technology” and why he decided FrontPoint was the company he trusted.

Video #4 – FrontPoint Saved My Business

This video review is another of our favorites, because it illustrates how FrontPoint is also a great security solution for small businesses.

FrontPoint customer Joonhee owns a store in South Haven, Michigan. He leverages FrontPoint’s advanced technology, such as video monitoring. Watch to see how the FrontPoint system worked for Joonhee when burglars broke in and started stealing his merchandise.

One of the crooks thought he could disable the alarm by smashing the Control Panel. (How’d that work out for you, Mr. Thug?) I guess he didn’t know about FrontPoint’s Crash-and-Smash safety feature.

One incident like this is all you need to realize what a good investment an alarm system truly is.

For more on Joonhee, check out his blog.

Video #5 – My DIY

This video makes our favorites list because it does our job for us! It shows you exactly how to set up a FrontPoint home alarm system, step-by-step. Watch this great demonstration from our customer in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Keep in mind that you may not need as many sensors as this guy has! He is very thorough, installing

a total of 17 sensors. Lots of our customers prefer to start out with the basics and add more later. The beauty of FrontPoint’s wireless alarm system, as well as our simple ordering system, is the flexibility. Add more whenever you want! New sensors will arrive in the mail a couple days after you order, and they’ll be all ready to integrate with the rest of your system and communicate with your Control Panel.

This video helps you explore all your options, for whole-home protection. Remember, FrontPoint covers you against more than just burglary!

A Secure Life – Alarm System Reviews

A Secure Life is a website dedicated to helping you stay safe: at home, online and on the road. They’re also a great source of home alarm system reviews. Besides providing recommendations on the best alarm companies, they also evaluate hundreds of customer reviews, from sources like Yelp and the BBB.

Learn a little more about A Secure Life in this video. And, more importantly, see who they picked as their #1 home security company. Who provides the best value and the best customer service, not to mention the best security technology?

OK, the suspense is too intense… we’ll just tell you. It’s us! In fact, FrontPoint has been #1 for 3 years in a row!

See why we love these home alarm system reviews?

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