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Home Alarm Systems – Top 5 Holiday Travel Safety Tips

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December 21, 2010
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Home Alarm Systems – Top 5 Holiday Travel Safety Tips

I share all the tips on home safety and security I can find – and often broaden the scope to include topics such as identity theft, risks of social media, and seasonal advice like winterizing your home. Here are some timely holiday tips on travel safety, provided by our friends (and technology partners) at

Remember, FrontPoint uses technology in every system we sell – for very compelling reasons. It was who developed the alarm industry’s safest and most interactive wireless alarm monitoring technology. In case you missed it last time, these are the key elements of’s offering:

  • First, provides the digital GSM cellular radio that is built into every FrontPoint GE wireless alarm system.
  • Next, they provide the GSM monitoring platform that makes every FrontPoint system safer: no phone line required, and no phone line for an intruder to cut.
  • They also provide the interactive services that allow you to arm and disarm your system remotely, receive text or email notifications on your system’s activity, and even let you view live video on any web-enabled device from cameras in your home.
  • Finally, also developed the patented “Crash and Smash” feature that makes your alarm system virtually undefeatable.


Here are the travel safety tips – read, observe them and enjoy and safe and secure holiday safe!

  1. Add Home Security to Your ‘Carry On’ Baggage

    Whether you’re traveling for business, vacationing with the family or just away from home, controlling your security system is incredibly simple with home security mobile apps. Many home security systems now allow you to use your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other mobile device to monitor activity and control your system while on the go. You can even watch live or recorded video footage from multiple security cameras directly on your cell phone with video monitoring that’s integrated with your home security system.

  2. Guard against Unforeseen Events

    Travelers who leave their properties for extended periods of time are not only vulnerable to intrusions, but to unforeseen events ranging from a basement flood to power outages or a broken window. If you have a home security system that is enabled with remote monitoring, make sure to set up real-time email and text message notifications to be sent to you about activity so that abnormalities can be quickly identified and rectified.

  3. Keep It Locked Up While Away

    Holiday travelers often worry about locked doors and windows. You can take advantage of energy management and automation technology – now integrated with popular home security systems – to remotely control and monitor doors and be notified in real-time if locked doors are unlocked.

  4. Invest in Wireless Home Security

    When the power goes out for homeowners with many traditional or broadband-based home security systems, it also means the security system’s ability to send alarm signals to the central monitoring system ceases. By selecting an always-on security system that works wirelessly (using GSM cellular technology for example), your home stays protected 24/7, even during a power failure. Also, phone lines and broadband-based security systems are unreliable due to the vulnerability of burglars snipping the wires.

  5. Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

    Using a home security system that provides access to a history of property activity from a web-enabled mobile device or computer provides you with an additional layer of valuable information that can be used to identify unexpected behavior and suspicious patterns.

There you have it, from the folks who know. “wrote the book” on interactive, wireless home security. FrontPoint is proud to partner with them – and also to pass on these valuable guidelines to parents. When it comes to home alarm systems that are safer, smarter, simpler, and more affordable, people look to FrontPoint – just as we look to for the technology that sets us apart from the competition.

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