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9 Home Renovation Tips for a Safer House

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Home Renovation Safety Tips
July 1, 2022

9 Home Renovation Tips for a Safer House

Home renovations are exciting but also very stressful for homeowners. It takes time, energy, and much intrusion into your home. Many homeowners are especially concerned about their home security during a time like this. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure the security of your property remains intact during and after construction. Here are nine home renovation safety tips to keep in mind:

1.   Keep an eye on the people working on your home.

Video surveillance is vital during a home renovation. When you have many workers coming in and out, you want to ensure you can easily keep an eye on things. Frontpoint’s Indoor Camera and Premium Camera have two-way audio that lets you quickly speak to workers using your smartphone. 

2.   Give workers keyless access during a specific time.

During a renovation, it’s not ideal if the only way to access your home is with a key. Keys can be copied without your knowledge, which is a significant security risk. Frontpoint’s Smart Door Lock is unlocked using keypad codes. You can set unique codes for different people and even label them so you know who is coming into your house and at what time. If you’re not going to be home, but your contractor needs to get into your house, you can give them their own code to unlock the door. If they plan to arrive between 1:00 and 3:00 pm, you can set their code to only work during that time. 

3.   Use door and window sensors to protect valuables.

Frontpoint’s Door and Window Sensors can do more than just protect doors and windows. You can also stick them to cabinets or drawers that contain valuable items. If someone working in your house were to open one of these, you would receive an alert on your smartphone so you can quickly take action. 


4.   Get carbon monoxide and smoke alarms that are monitored 24/7.

During home renovations, things can go wrong. Fires can start, or gas leaks can happen; you never know when someone might make a careless error at your expense. Protect your family by getting Frontpoint Smoke & Heat Sensors and Carbon Monoxide Sensors that are monitored 24/7. That way, the proper authorities are notified for you, and all you have to worry about is getting your family to safety.

5.   Keep an eye on your kids.

When renovating your home, some parts of the house may be hazardous to children due to the construction sites. Workers leave dangerous equipment lying around when they leave for the day, which is when most children come home from school. Ensure that you’re equipped with cameras and motion sensors. These will notify you on your smartphone whenever your kids (or pets) get near any dangerous areas. 

6.   Deter burglars that may think your home is vulnerable.

Apparent construction can make your home a target for burglary. Intruders see people coming in and out freely, tarps over windows, and think there may be an easy way to get into your home. Not to mention all of the expensive tools that may be lying around. Make sure you make it clear that you are protecting your home from criminals like them. Set up home security yard signs and stickers, keep the outside of your home well lit at night, and install outdoor cameras and a doorbell camera. Plus, if all else fails, ensure you’re fully covered inside with door and window sensors, glass break sensors, and motion sensors. 

7.   Make it look like someone is home while the house is empty. 

If you’re staying somewhere else during your home renovation, this could also make you more vulnerable to burglaries. Use Frontpoint’s Wireless Light Control smart plug to set times for lights to go on and off on their own, making it appear like someone is home protecting the house. 


8.   Make sure your new landscaping is safe from damage.

If your landscaping project includes a beautiful new garden, don’t leave it vulnerable to pets, kids, or even large wild animals like deer. Frontpoint’s Outdoor Camera allows you to keep an eye on things and includes video analytics. This means you can set up tripwires and receive notifications any time someone enters the area near your garden. It will even tell you whether the intruder is a person or animal. 

9.   Protect your new garage.

Updating the garage? Consider installing a garage door tilt sensor. When armed and tilted more than 45 degrees, you will be notified on your smartphone and trigger a high-decibel alarm to scare off intruders. Frontpoint’s app can also remind you whenever you forget to close your garage door if you’ve left it open longer than usual.

Don’t let safety concerns add to the stress of a home renovation. Keep these home renovation safety tips in mind when you start construction; hopefully, they will give you peace of mind. Good luck! 

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