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Home Security that Fits Your Lifestyle

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October 2, 2014

Home Security that Fits Your Lifestyle

I live a very simple life. It’s actually quite boring, but in a very good way. As a self-proclaimed introvert, I like to keep things nice and quiet. But I’m well-aware that this could change in an instant.

Your lifestyle can change in the blink of an eye – whether it’s by personal choice or an event that’s out of your control. And when this happens, it can be a bit of a chore if your belongings don’t match your new lifestyle.

A home alarm system is a prime example of something that should be able to adapt to the user. You won’t be able to get the most out of your system if it doesn’t match your needs. What good does 30 different security sensors do for someone who lives in an apartment? Or what about a system that can’t be transferred for someone who moves regularly?

An alarm system should be customizable, so it can match its user’s initial needs while remaining flexible to adapt to changing lifestyles.

The Right Equipment

Some alarm companies choose to sell pre-bundled packages to their customers with very little to offer in terms of customization. There’s no room to adjust the number of sensors, and types of sensors and equipment that you’d receive. This shouldn’t be the case.

Each individual customer is going to have a different set of needs and wants, especially when it comes to something as important as protecting your home.

Companies like Frontpoint allow you to build your alarm system from the ground up. We’ll offer suggestions based on your home’s layout, but we’re not going to recommend you get 20 sensors to protect your apartment on the top floor. Simply put, the decision is all yours.

Security that Adapts to You

But what about if you move into a fancy new mansion? Or you actually decide that you don’t need some of the sensors you received?

Don’t worry, Frontpoint has your back. You can adjust your system in a heartbeat. If you come to the realization that the Door and Window Sensor on your bathroom is probably not necessary, just send it back.

If you need to move, take your system with you! Since the Frontpoint system was so easy to install (hooray, DIY!), it’s just as easy to remove and take to your new mansion.

Adding new sensors to your new humongous living space is simple too: You order your equipment, stick and place them, and then call us. We’ll test and activate each one like we did with the initial install.

Home Awareness with Interactive Features

If you’re out of your home a lot, you might be concerned about what’s going on while you’re out. Rest easy, my friend, you don’t have to worry with interactive monitoring.

Features – like instant notifications and alerts, and live video feeds – allow you to stay in touch with your home 24/7. Whether you’re in a hotel room across the country or at a restaurant down the street, you can use a mobile device to access your system. Like I said, Frontpoint adapts to your needs.

A Perfect Match

We know protecting your home is important – it’s probably why you’re here reading this blog! It’s something you should feel 100% comfortable with, which is why we make sure to get you an alarm system that matches your exact needs. And not only that, but to also provide you a system that can change whenever you need it to.

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Make Home more secure with Frontpoint
October 13, 2014
Great to offer flexibility like this for home security. Bottom line is the more you can provide piece of mind to someone on an important topic like home security, the more likely they will purchase your product
David Jhonson
November 10, 2014
This is a very common issue for tension when we leave our house for a long period. To prevent outside obstacles the ways which are described in this blog are very informative. Thanks for that. But some time times we need extra facilities when we are not present in house like checking of lighting, pool, sprinklers, appliances, AC, water filter, car, car watch etc. I'm from Florida and when I go for a holiday with my family I give my house's responsibilities to a house watch service Southwest Florida Property Services and enjoy the holiday in a very relaxing mood.
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