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How Do it Yourself (DIY) Home Security is the Greener Solution

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By: Editor
April 8, 2014

How Do it Yourself (DIY) Home Security is the Greener Solution

FrontPoint is built on a “green” business model, but it’s not readily apparent at first glance.

Our alarm systems have many environmentally-friendly advantages -- such as reduced use of environmentally-harmful materials – not to mention how our business operates. We have efforts in place to minimize waste, while maximizing efficiency.

We know that we’re not perfect, but we doing things differently, which is why we’re trying to become an even greener company. Let’s start by looking at what we’re currently doing to achieve this goal.

The Environmental Benefits of a Virtual Company

It starts with building a virtual company. While we provide a physical product, our company uses as little paper as possible in all aspects of what we do. This includes the way we interact with customers: all interactions take place by phone, web and email.

Customer and product documentation is uploaded online to private accounts, giving customers easy access to their important information, while reducing the consumption of paper.

Additionally, all payment interactions are virtual via credit card or direct debit transfers. Invoices and monthly bills are sent over the web. These two small practices have saved an incredible amount of paper from becoming waste.

Save Fuel, Time and Money

The green nature of our company can also be seen in how little fuel we use. Thanks to our simple and secure approach to home security, there is never a need to send a professional to your home.

Unlike many other alarm companies who seem determined to send someone to your home at any given opportunity, racking up fees and wasting gas, we do it differently.

We give an accurate assessment of what equipment will meet your needs right over the phone. Installation is a breeze as well, since it’s completely do-it-yourself. You can do it all in as little as 30 minutes! Subsequently, activation and any future maintenance needs are handled over the phone.

Our simple, DIY approach has made home security very easy for our customers. And that’s what we’re really concerned about anyway.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Equipment

Finally, our alarm systems have many environmentally-friendly advantages. All of our systems are 100% wireless and 100% cellular. This not only provides the most reliable form of home security available, but also the most eco-friendly.

Many alarm systems in homes today are still using wires, meaning wired sensors and a wired connection. We already know that these are significantly less reliable than wireless alternatives, but they are also worse for the environment.

Wireless sensors eliminate the need for wires that use large amounts of plastic and copper. This also applies to cellular connections, as they use the same method of communication as cell phones.

Another eco-advantage of a completely wireless system in its portability. No longer do you have to deal with the traditional, permanent home alarm systems that were so prominent in recent decades.

This means that when you have to move, or if you’re a renter, your alarm system goes with you. There’s no leaving behind a system – and a lot of materials.

The Green Advantage

We do things differently, whether it’s a new approach to home security or changing how home security impacts the environment. There are plenty more changes we’re trying to make, and we’ll be happy to share when they become set in stone. Stay tuned!

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