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How to Set Up No-Show Alerts

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How to Set Up No-Show Alerts
September 16, 2015
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How to Set Up No-Show Alerts

School’s back in session and there’s no better time to remind you about no-show alerts. A commonly overlooked feature of the Frontpoint system, the no-show alert, is a great tool to make sure your kids get home safely after school.

What are No-Show Alerts?

A no-show alert is a notification that is triggered when the security system isn’t disarmed during a certain time period. This alert tells you when someone you were expecting to be home, hasn’t arrived. For example, if your child hasn’t returned home from school and disarmed the system when you expected them to, you will receive a no-show alert.

How No-Show Alerts Work

You first set up a no-show alert by identifying a window of time when you expect someone to disarm the system, like the hour after school lets out. You can specify different times for each day of the week, so if you have a child who has afterschool activities, you can adjust accordingly.

If the system is disarmed properly in the specified window, great! It means your children have arrived home safe and sound. However, if the system isn’t disarmed by the end of the timeframe, you’ll immediately be alerted of the “no-show” by text or email, letting you know something is amiss.

Many Uses for the No-Show Alert

The no-show alert goes beyond making sure your kids arrive home safely. You can also use it to make sure contractors or other services providers all show up on time. For example, Peter Rogers, Frontpoint Cofounder and Senior Advisor, uses the no-show alert to track his dog walker!

In addition to be an incredibly useful feature, the no-show alert is also very easy to set up.

How to Set Up a No-Show Alert

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Notifications tab
  3. Click New Notification
  4. Select No-Show Alert
  5. Select who you expect the system to be disarmed by
  6. Select the days and time you expect the system to be disarmed by
  7. Select if you’d like to be notified if the system is in a disarmed state at the start of the no-show time frame
  8. Click on the Add Recipient to specify who will receive the no-show alert
  9. Click Save Notification

Note that the no-show alert is only available to Interactive and Ultimate Monitoring users.

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Chris Patterson
September 21, 2015 at 7:45 PM
Great tool, I didn't realize the system could do this!
November 25, 2015 at 3:50 AM
This is such an useful tip. Never knew about such a no show alert feature before ! Thank you.
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