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How to Set Up Power Outage Notifications

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How to Set Up Power Outage Notifications
By: Editor
February 17, 2021

How to Set Up Power Outage Notifications

The Frontpoint system has many uses, including safety and home awareness. You can even use it to know if your power goes out when you’re not home!

By setting up power outage notifications on your system, you’ll receive alerts when your system has lost power.

You’ll first be notified when your Control Panel has been operating on its backup power for 15 minutes. After the next 10 minutes, a follow-up message will notify you if any other systems in the area are also experiencing an outage. Once power is restored, you’ll receive another notification.

Your home will remain secure even during an outage, as your Frontpoint system will continue operating as normal with its 24-hour backup battery.

How to Set Up Power Outage Notifications

Power outage notifications, along with the other alerts, are available to anyone with Interactive or Ultimate Monitoring. Setting up a power outage notification is extremely simple, here’s how.

  1. Log in to your account and set up a new Notification
  2. Go to the Notifications tab
    1. Click New Notification
  3. On the Property Awareness sub-tab, select “Your property lost power”
    1. Check Power Failure and Power Restored
    2. Choose who to notify when there’s a power failure
    3. You can sign up for email, text or push notifications
  4. Click Save Notification

Benefit of Power Outage Notifications

Power outages are unpredictable, but with power outage notifications, you’ll be prepared. Should you be notified that your power is out, you can respond appropriately. If you’re travelling, you can also call and have someone come check on your home.

With power outage notifications, you’ll always be up to date on your home’s status.

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Make Home more secure with Frontpoint
October 12, 2016
Excellent idea. While I may not be able to rush home I will know if it is a long power outage and if I will need to break out the generator.
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