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Low-Tech Burglar Uses Screwdriver to Force Doors in Miami Township, Ohio

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June 3, 2013
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Low-Tech Burglar Uses Screwdriver to Force Doors in Miami Township, Ohio

We talk to thousands of prospective FrontPoint customers every week, and it’s a process that our professional security consultants enjoy a lot – and are really good at. Of course, the questions they answer do cover the entire spectrum of issues you might imagine that someone shopping for peace of mind might ask. Here’s a small sample:

  • How does the FrontPoint system work? What makes it better?
  • What sensors do I need?
  • What are FrontPoint’s interactive services? And how about home automation?
  • Why is cellular monitoring safer than phone line or Internet monitoring?
  • And what happens when the alarm goes off?

We love questions: for homeowners buying an alarm system for the first time, and many are, we take all the time that’s needed to explain everything – that’s just part of our consultative sales approach. And we also dispel a few misconceptions along the way, like the notion that your average burglar uses high-tech gadgets to gain entry to your home. In fact, just the opposite is true, as you’ll read in this article from Ohio’s Miami Township.

Police are looking for a man they say is breaking into residences in the township, and he’s using a screwdriver to get inside. David Croley is the man sought, police said at a news conference Tuesday. He is wanted for burglary to as many as seven homes. The most recent attempted burglary occurred in the 2700 block of Flowerstone Drive.

Classic “Knock-Knock” Burglar Tactic

Timothy Prindle and his son Matthew live at the home and told police at first they thought Croley was attempting to sell something, so they ignored it when he rang their doorbell. They watched him walk around to the rear of the home and go to the glass door, where they saw Croley attempt to open it with a screwdriver. The Prindles said they were able to scare him off.

Serial Burglar Still on the Loose

Croley is believed to be driving a stolen 1998 gold Saturn vehicle with two doors. It was stolen out of Miamisburg and has the license plate number AUB 3826. The Prindles reported that when Croley approached their front door, he was carrying the car’s owner’s manual in his hand. Police said the suspect weighs about 200 pounds, has brown hair and has blue eyes. Croley, a former Moraine resident, has been identified as a serial burglar and when his photo was shown to the Prindles they told police he is who they saw.

So, there you have it: another example of the more traditional “low-tech” approach to burglary. Remember, most intrusions are random acts, often committed to feed a drug habit. We know a lot about burglar behavior – such as, where intruders break in, and what burglars steal once they’re in your home.  All this is very helpful information, and we want to be a valued source of education when it comes to protecting your home and family.

You might also appreciate our Top 10 Home Security Tips – great advice on how to make your home less susceptible to burglary. For one thing, it’s been shown that a home with a monitored alarm system is only one third as likely to suffer a break-in as the unprotected home next door. And with a burglary happening in the US roughly every 14 seconds (according to the FBI), it amazes me that only about one in five homes has such a system – especially one with safer cellular monitoring, such as FrontPoint sells.

FrontPoint will stay on the case with systems that are safer, smarter, simpler, and more affordable. As the leader in wireless home security and the #1 rated alarm company in the US, FrontPoint takes residential intrusion very seriously, whether it’s the usual random offense by an amateur burglar, or that rare targeted attack by the “professional.” Either way, you want the odds on your side.

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