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Meet FrontPoint: "Double Trouble" with Peter Fallon and Larry Hankin

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By: Editor
June 27, 2014
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Meet FrontPoint: "Double Trouble" with Peter Fallon and Larry Hankin

As FrontPoint, it doesn’t matter whether you are a customer or an employee, both are a part of the FrontPoint family. In this spirit, we’d like to introduce you to two employees here at FrontPoint, Larry and Peter.

Let’s dive right in. Tell me what you do here at FrontPoint.

Larry: I oversee the training and QA teams in Customer Relations. So for trainings, I make sure they run smoothly and that we are getting people ready and able to do their jobs when they hit the floor. Providing the best customer experience starts with everybody being trained, prepared and ready to go.

Peter: I lead the inbound management team for the best customer support team in the world. That means meeting with managers on a weekly basis, keeping them focused on developing our teams. Helping them get the most out of their teams and the most out of our reps.

How long have you been with FrontPoint?

Peter: Five years in June for me. This is my first job out of college.

Larry: Just had my three-year anniversary on February 4.

What attracted you to FrontPoint and why do you stay?

Larry: I was attracted to getting in on the ground level. I worked at a Fortune 500, and you’re stuck, unless people above you leave. I stay because I appreciate being recognized by name, not just a number. I love the idea of advancement. And FrontPoint’s success is my success. The new technology also was cool. I stay for the culture, room for advancement, helping build something. It’s not just day by day, I can grow as FrontPoint grows. I get chances here I wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Peter: When I graduated, I was referred by a friend. I was lucky to meet the Founders early on, so getting to talk to them directly and hearing the vision for FrontPoint was neat. Getting that interaction, it’s impossible not to be impressed or taken in by it. When I got the offer, I knew. I stay because I always learn. I’m constantly doing new things. I haven’t had the same job for five years – I’m always learning. It’s always interesting. New challenges to tackle keep us moving forward.

What’s the awesomest thing you’ve seen here at FrontPoint?

Peter: The growth. I was employee #20, now we’re close to 400 people. We’re able to scale so quickly, and there aren’t limiting factors to our growth. That’s awesome. We’re still growing and we’re still planning.

Larry: Same thing. He just went first. I was #63. Things were slightly different, but it’s crazy how quickly we grow. My position didn’t exist before, so it’s cool that I got to create it. Over the past two years, we’ve had classes nine out of the 12 months each year. It’s crazy to say that we’ve hired 5-10 people a month for the last two years. Crazy. Departments outta nowhere, positions like yours… you know?

You two are quite the dynamic duo. One word to describe the other. Go!

Larry: [laughs]

Peter: Let me look something up. Lots of four-letter words come to mind…


Larry: “Calculated.”

Peter: “Ostentatious.”

Peter, I hear you’re running for office…

Peter: [laughs.] Yeah, it didn’t go so well. He didn’t win. He came in third…out of three. One of my supervisors got a bunch of signs out on the floor. It wasn’t me who did that. It was someone else. I swear.

And Larry, I hear you have an epic sweater collection to go with that legendary moustache…

Larry: I like being comfortable. And the winter months are perfect for that. That’s where the sweaters come in. I don’t have to iron them.

Last question – what’s on your iPod?

Larry: Portugal the Man.

Peter: Me too, man! Aren’t they great? They’re about to blow up. They’re great.

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