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Meet Frontpoint: Security Isn't Just for the Grown-Ups

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Meet Frontpoint: Security Isn't Just for the Grown-Ups
By: Editor
January 27, 2015

Meet Frontpoint: Security Isn't Just for the Grown-Ups

It’s easy to feel a little intimidated and overwhelmed when first incorporating a security system into your home. For many, the imagined scenario of a false alarm triggered by user error that sends police, fire or ambulance screaming into their driveway with sirens blazing is enough to give anyone pause. At Frontpoint, we do our best to allay those fears from the get-go.

Hopefully, through your hands-on experience with your Frontpoint system, you’ve come to realize just how simple it all really is. And when we talk about simplicity, we don’t just mean that our systems are easy for the grown-ups to use, they’re easy enough for the entire family – specifically the kids.

Assigning a unique user codes for the kids is quick and painless. We’ve touched on it before here. All it requires is for you to visit and create a 4-digit code that will be easy for the kids to remember. Once you’ve done that, it opens up a variety of possibilities for utilizing your system as a simple child-monitoring tool.

Notice of arrival – A quick and easy solution to find out exactly when your kids get home. Just set up and assign a user code for your child. Then, when coming home after school, he or she can enter that 4-digit code to disarm the system. Customers with Interactive or Ultimate Monitoring will then receive an instant text or email notification once the code is used.

No-show alert – Think of it as a reverse arrival notifications. We describe how to set no-show alerts in the Tips & Tricks section of this month’s edition. If your child doesn’t arrive within a pre-determined time range, a no-show alert will make sure you know.

Keychain Remote – They’re easy to use, they’re pocket-sized and they’re affordable. Also, because they’re personalized, they trigger arrival notices and no-show alerts that same way an assigned user code would.

Familiarizing children with your Frontpoint system is undoubtedly a win-win. They always stay secure, while you maintain your peace of mind. Isn’t that what home security should do?

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