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Memphis, TN Police Offer Top Home Security Tips

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October 22, 2012
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Memphis, TN Police Offer Top Home Security Tips

Top home security tips are some of the most widely read posts on this blog – and for good reason: according to the FBI, there is a burglary just about every 14 seconds in the US. As residential crime stats stay stubbornly high, and even increase in many jurisdictions, we all need to learn the best way to protect our homes and families. To make matters worse, we need to be especially careful as we approach the holidays, when there is increased risk of a burglar breaking into your home. Fortunately police are on the case, and are posting great advice for homeowners all across the US, like this recent advisory from Memphis, Tennessee.

So far this year, thieves have broken into more than 5,300 Memphis homes. Security experts say if you're not doing one certain thing, you're begging burglars to come in. With around 760 home burglaries committed in Memphis each month, that averages to 25 homes a day.

Wow – that’s a lot of burglaries! But then again, Memphis is one of the 25 largest cities in America.

What Burglars Look For

Lieutenant Joey Andello with the Memphis Police Department's Burglary Unit says burglars look for things that indicate no one may be home, such as, "a combination of seeing the newspapers, the mail in the mailbox and the porch light on… a lot of burglars are opportunists."

Beware the “Free” Alarm System

Local home security expert Eric Meyers says that's why homeowners should take the opportunity to get a security system - a "real" security system. "When you say a security system is two doors and a motion sensor, that is not a security system… the thieves know when they see the signs from national firms that the only thing that's protected are the doors and a motion sensor," Meyers says. "A proper security system covers your first floor, covers all doors and windows on the first floor."

Here at FrontPoint we totally agree. I’ve posted on the “Home Alarms Lite” systems sold by many companies who advertise “Free” home security. You definitely need more than the basic “teaser” system that these other companies use to catch your eye, but by the time you get the price from them for what you really should have, you may be spending a bundle. That’s one reason many homeowners go with too little protection. Look for the companies who do it right the first time – and honestly.

Alarm Systems are a Deterrent

According to Andello you can make sure you're covered if you use your alarm, but he understands that doesn't always work. "If someone wants something bad enough, no matter how many deterrents you take, they're gonna do it." Police admit there's no way to ensure your home is never broken into, but having an alarm does help.

And Last, but Not Least…

Most police departments seem to recommend having a home security system – but they don’t always include that extra piece of important advice – arm it. Of course, it’s easier to make sure your home is protected when you can remotely check your alarm system status, and then arm and disarm your system from your smart phone. And when it comes to home safety recommendations in general, FrontPoint does offer its own list of Top 10 Home Security Tips.

FrontPoint is the recognized leader in wireless home security because we combine the most advanced home security and home automation services. Whether it’s more reliable cellular monitoring, notifications and remote arming, video features, or using apps to control lights, locks, and thermostats, FrontPoint has the solution. We provide systems that are safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat – that’s why FrontPoint is the #1 ranked alarm company in the US.  You deserve peace of mind, at home or when you travel, and FrontPoint can help. Here’s to a safe and happy holiday season!

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