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Phony Alarm Sales Reps Still Making Headlines

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October 30, 2013
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Phony Alarm Sales Reps Still Making Headlines

It’s not getting any easier to tell the good guys from the bad guys: in fact, it’s downright tough. If the burglars aren't pretending to be alarm salespeople from ADT or some other company, they are posing as everything from painters to exterminators so they can gain access to your home and rip you off. Here are a few more tales from the street: I suggest you take these warnings seriously, and think very hard about leaving your home unprotected, or opening your door when you hear that knock!

Police Warn on ADT Imposters

ADT is the “big kahuna” of the alarm industry, so perhaps it just makes sense that bad guys would target ADT customers; however, the problem has gotten bad enough that now police are issuing warnings, even in Canada. Here’s a report about the Niagara (Ontario) Regional Police.

The Niagara Regional Police Service would like to warn the public about individuals soliciting Niagara residences while posing as ADT salesmen. Police have received two complaints from members of the public, regarding men posing as ADT sales representatives, pretending to sell security systems. Alert citizens subsequently contacted police, after realizing the men were impostors. Police suspect these currently unidentified individuals are casing homes to see if there is an existing alarm system installed and monitored; to obtain a layout of the interior and exterior of the homes; to see if there is an animal in the home, and so on. The impostors then have sufficient details to plan out what could be their next break-and-enter target.

Great Advice on Door Knockers

Police would like members of the public to know that you should never let a door to door salesperson into your home, based on their word that they work for an alarm company. This includes any alarm company and any other service that may be offered door to door.  [My bold & italics!] You should always ask for a main office number and verify they are who they say they are.  If you are interested in their services you can request information and call their office to schedule an appointment. If a sales consultant from a legitimate company knocks on your door they will be happy to give you their office contact and company information so that you can research their services.

Fake Painters in Seattle

And it’s not just phony alarm sales people. This story on pretend painters in Seattle, Washington is just as bad. And in this case, the burglars did what more intruders are doing: they cut the phone lines to deactivate a traditional alarm system. One more reason to use FrontPoint’s safer cellular monitoring!

Cassandra Allen's family home was burglarized August 8th. "This is where they cut it," said Allen as she pointed to cables on the side of her house. "See, they cut both lines." Allen thinks the cables where cut to deactivate the alarm system. "The top of my dresser was swept into my pillow case that he or she then took," said Allen. "Your heart is in your stomach. It is an awful feeling," said Allen. Allen spread the word to neighbors, and she found out two other homes in the area were reportedly burglarized in a similar way. On a Greenwood community chat site, neighbors reported that it appeared the burglars might have posed as painters, and drop cloths were placed over goods to obscure them for the walk from the house to the vehicle. "If it is this painter bandit, as you might call it, be on the lookout for this sort of thing," said Allen.

Exterminators in St. Louis

A story from Shrewsbury, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, tells a similar tale.

A neighbor spotted suspicious people impersonating lawn service workers moments after a burglary was interrupted at a Shrewsbury residence Tuesday morning. Police say the subjects tried to blend in by using props to make it look as if they were exterminators as they allegedly attempted to rob a home on Lenox Avenue. Shrewsbury Police say two burglars got in through a kitchen door and stole a briefcase and prescription medicine, but a barking dog may have scared the suspects off before they could get away with more in the early morning hours. The homeowner woke up and discovered the missing items before calling police. After officers and the homeowner left, a neighbor reportedly saw two guys show up and start to spray the yard. Police say the neighbor thought it was suspicious and it turned out the homeowner never hired a lawn service or an exterminator to spray her front yard. The neighbor called officer but the two guys with the sprayer fled before cops arrived.

Great Advice from Police

“I don’t know if it was purely coincidental or if those were the guys who had gotten in and got the briefcase and the meds and were going back in for more,” said Lt. Brian Catlett of the Shrewsbury Police Department. Police said most burglars are looking for an empty house to hit while you’re away at work. They’ll knock on the door to see if anyone’s home and if someone answers, they’ll have a story ready about how they are offering to trim trees or spray for bugs. They could also have a tool of that trade with them. Police say if they don’t have a company name on their vehicle and a full set of tools, equipment; call police and have them checked out. It could prevent a crime.

This is indeed great advice. Since FrontPoint is 100% dedicated to increasing your peace of mind, we’re happy to share these reports and the safety tips that can help you protect your home and family. When you’re ready to learn why we are the nationwide leader in wireless home security, just check us out online. We make home security and home automation safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat. And best of all, you never have to answer that knock at your door.

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