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Police Step it Up to Fight Increased Burglaries - Crime Spotlight on Nashville, TN

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May 5, 2011
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Police Step it Up to Fight Increased Burglaries - Crime Spotlight on Nashville, TN

As burglary rates rise in many jurisdictions, the public is expressing concern – and police are reacting. No city likes to have high crime stats, so taking perps off the street is getting more focus, and additional resources. A great example of this trend comes from a crime report from Nashville, TN, where the police are thinking outside the box as they take burglary prevention to a new level.

One part of Nashville is seeing a serious increase in home burglaries, so police are now trying completely new ways to fight the crime. They're adding more manpower, using more focused maps and engaging potential witnesses. It's a complex combination of techniques that could keep changing as the criminals adapt.

What are Police Doing Differently?

In the past, police have looked at home break-in trends for different areas. Now they're focused on exact neighborhoods, and if a break-in happens, they'll likely be back to try to prevent more the next day. “There's a lot of resources right now being dedicated solely to residential burglaries,” said South Precinct Commander Mike Alexander.

We know from experience that burglars strike more often during the day, and they do return – to the same homes, the same neighborhoods, and with the same methods.

More Ways to Fight Home Intrusions…

Alexander is also making manpower changes and tactical shifts. Two flex teams are now patrolling precinct streets in plain clothes and in uniform, focused on finding criminals. They've been moved to day shifts because that's when most burglaries seem to occur. South Precinct officers are also partnering with the Hermitage Precinct to share resources in fighting burglaries because the precincts already share a border: Murfreesboro Road. And officers are no longer targeting large areas. Instead, they are looking at exact locations of burglaries, then going to those neighborhoods the next day.

And Some Methods They Aren’t Talking About!

South Precinct officers started several other home burglary fighting initiatives that, in order to be effective, can't be talked about publicly. Home break-ins are still high in South Nashville, but for now, Alexander said, their new tactics seem to at least be slowing down activity.

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