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Home Burglaries Double in Nassau County, New York

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March 3, 2012
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Home Burglaries Double in Nassau County, New York

Crime statistics have been fairly consistent over the past several years, showing gradual nationwide decreases in every type of crime except one: residential crime. Even in those few jurisdictions where residential crime has gone down, it has shown the smallest decrease of any criminal activity. And that means more burglars in cities and towns across the US are more active, which is fueling the steady rise in home security sales. In fact, there are roughly 2 million new home alarm systems purchased every year – and that number is growing. Do you have yours yet?

Of course, one reason that alarm systems sales are on the rise is that new advanced technology lets you do more: today you can remotely arm or disarm your system, receive text or email notifications on anything happening in your home, watch your house through wireless cameras that can also send you motion activated clips, and even control lights locks and thermostats remotely, using mobile apps. But the main driver behind alarm system purchases has not changed: peace of mind that comes from protecting our homes and families. And as this story from Valley Stream, NY shows, that’s reason enough.

The number of home burglaries in Nassau County has more than doubled in the first six weeks of this year. Now some residents fear a shakeup in the police department could make the crime problem even worse in Valley Stream and several other communities.


Victims Speak Out

"My family is traumatized," the victim's sister said. We're hiding the woman's identity because she fears for her family's safety. She got a frantic call last week in the middle of the afternoon from her sister who was hiding in a closet in her house. Three men, who police have now identified as Carl Brown, Johan Antney and Shakey Foster-Bey, had broken into her home in West Hempstead, and ransacked the place. They made off with jewelry and cash.

"My sister, she can't sleep. She can't eat. It's a traumatizing situation. These guys basically stole our sense of security. We're not safe. You can't go to bed and feel you're at peace," the victim's sister said.

Statistics on the Crime Spike

It's just one of many recent horrific stories of home invasion burglaries in Nassau County. Police now confirm there's been a 69% increase in burglaries this year over last year. A 111% increase in burglaries of homes. It's become such a problem that you can just randomly run into people who have stories of being robbed.

Another Scary Story

Jay Alpert said his Manhasset home was burglarized recently. "They used a bath-ram and batted down the door. No, we were not home," Alpert said.

Police Address Staffing Reductions

"We know that this is not the time to be closing down precincts to be reducing police staffing," said James Carver, Nassau Police Union. The number of crimes are renewing calls by local legislators and the Nassau Police Union to stop the closing of half of Nassau's Police precincts and turning them into community policing centers. The union says already officers are being forced to cut corners and it's not going to help the burglary problem.

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