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Residents React to Recent Burglaries with Neighborhood Watch in Mission Bend, Texas

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Residents React to Recent Burglaries with Neighborhood Watch in Mission Bend, Texas
October 27, 2014

Residents React to Recent Burglaries with Neighborhood Watch in Mission Bend, Texas

Recent upticks in residential crime statistics across the US are getting increased attention. Homeowners are looking for answers – and solutions – in their search for peace of mind. And one neighborhood that has seen a spate of recent break-ins has banded together in a good way – to watch out for each other. Here’s the story, from Mission Bend, Texas.

A rash of recent home burglaries has prompted a Mission Bend woman to start her own neighborhood watch program. According to Fort Bend County records, more than a dozen Mission Bend homes have been burglarized in the last three weeks -- five in just one day.

Details – and Aftermath

"It's terrible," said Veronica Vasquez, whose home on Salida de Sol Dr. was burglarized Oct. 3. "My kitchen window glass was broken. They took my jewelry and money." Vasquez said the burglary left her too traumatized to be at home alone. "My neighbor Mary helped me," Vasquez said, "She stayed with me for one week because I was scared."

Concern Evolves into Action

"She was just scared to death," Mary Stark said of Vasquez. "Just to see the destruction that was done -- it's sad." But Mary Stark did more than comfort her neighbor. "After this happened, we got concerned," Stark said. "We decided, 'Why don't we start our own neighborhood watch?'"

What She Did

She started by putting signs on mailboxes around her block, encouraging neighbors to report anything suspicious. "It kind of sounds like we're paranoid," Stark said. "And maybe we are, but we want to take care of our stuff." Several victims who spoke with Local 2 said investigators were able to gather some evidence from their homes.

We highly recommend the practice of neighbors looking out for each other. In fact, that idea is no. 5 on the Frontpoint list of Top 10 Home Security Tips. But one thing that is missing in this story from Texas is any mention of adding monitored home security to increase the residents’ peace of mind. When you’re trying to protect your home and family, you want to consider all your options.

Alarm Systems Work

After all, there is documented evidence form a wide variety of sources that indicates how well alarm system work. One study from Rutgers University found that a home with a monitored home alarm system was actually one third as likely to experience a burglary as a home without that level of deterrence. Other studies have included interviews with convicted burglars, in which the burglars expressed their conscious avoidance of homes with alarm systems: to them, it just was not worth the risk of detection – and possible apprehension.

When you are thinking about teaming up with your neighbors to increase your communal peace of mind, Frontpoint is with you 100%. In fact, here is a great link to all the information you need to start your own neighborhood watch. In fact, you may be interested in other aspects of the National Crime Prevention Council web site – it’s a real treasure trove of great advice on home safety and security.

As for monitored home security, more homeowners are adding it all the time. And it’s not just about peace of mind anymore, since the best systems can include smart interactive features that allow you to feel connected as well as protected.

Finally, here’s one last piece of advice: when you are shopping for home securityinsist on cellular monitoring. It should not cost you anything more, and it’s worth it to get the safest and most reliable technology.

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