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Shopping for Home Security - FrontPoint is a Great Price and a Great Value

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August 10, 2011
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Shopping for Home Security - FrontPoint is a Great Price and a Great Value

Those of you who know FrontPoint are probably familiar with the key benefits that make us different – and we think better – than other alarm companies: "Safer, Smarter, Simpler, and More Affordable." Sometimes we add a fifth element, “Virtually Impossible to Defeat,” in reference to the patented Crash and Smash protection our systems provide. Today I’d like to expand on the “More Affordable” aspect of FrontPoint, since in these economic times everyone is concerned not simply about price, but total value, even when shopping for peace of mind.

I like to say that price is what you pay, but value is what something is worth – and in the long run, value is the more important. FrontPoint compares extremely well to other alarm companies in in both regards, which has made us the leader in wireless home security. But if we focus just on price, there are two elements to compare when shopping for an alarm system:

  1. The price of the alarm equipment itself.
  2. The service fee you pay each month for monitoring.

In both of these areas, FrontPoint offers you a great price – and a tremendous value. Let’s talk equipment first.

Cost of Alarm Equipment – Comparing Apples to Apples

Lots of alarm companies sell discounted “kits” – and these kits are often advertised as “free,” even though there is a $99 “activation fee,” in addition to one or more months of service charged up front. There are several problems here:

  • It’s not really free if there is an activation fee – that’s just another way of charging for equipment. FrontPoint has no hidden fees – and you can also get a basic FrontPoint system for as little as $99.
  • Very few alarm companies include the cellular radio the way FrontPoint does. In fact, we are the only alarm company in the US to build safer cellular monitoring into every system we have ever sold – at no additional equipment charge.
  • The real test is what happens when you expand beyond the basic $99 system to get the protection you need for your home – and most people do need more. With FrontPoint, additional protection may be added at any time. Additional doors or windows are $32.99 with FrontPoint, but average $75 or more with other alarm companies. FrontPoint looks even better with other sensors: our motion sensors and smoke/heat sensors cost $64.99, compared to $150 or more from the competition. We know from long experience that our total systems price saves you money – and averages between 50% and 66% of what other companies charge. Now that’s value!

Monthly Service Fees – More Savings with FrontPoint

Monitoring can be a little more complex, since most alarm companies won’t tell you upfront what you will be paying (just try searching on line for this level of detail from the competition!). FrontPoint tells you exactly what you’ll pay, and what you get. We have three service levels, and each one represents significant value in home security.

  • Protection Monitoring. At $34.99 for cellular monitoring, this level cost about $10 less than the competition (like ADT) for the same service. Most of our customers choose one of the interactive levels, but for those consumers looking for basic protection that is safer than the traditional system being sold by most companies, it’s a great price. Some alarm companies even charge more for old-school phone line monitoring than we charge for cellular monitoring!
  • Interactive Monitoring. This is our most popular plan, and really sets us apart from the competition, both in price and what you get: remote arming/disarm, free mobile apps, text or email notification on all events (including non-alarm) and Z-Wave lighting control. Compare this level at $42.99 to other companies (it may take a while to find the same robust suite of next-gen services) and you can easily pay over $50 per month.
  • Ultimate Monitoring. For the highest level of service and functionality, add video and Z-Wave remote control for locks and thermostats. FrontPoint charges $49.99 for this level, which we have seen offered by others at roughly $70.

There are lots of other areas where FrontPoint adds value as well: our 30-day risk-free trial, where we pay shipping both ways; the fact that we provide up to a full month of free monitoring at the time of purchase; and the ability to inexpensively add to your alarm system over time – and even move it with you from one home to the next. Throw in world-class support, and you have a very compelling offer.

It’s never been FrontPoint’s intent to compete just on price – after all, we lead with "Safer, Smarter, and Simpler." We’d rather be known as the best alarm company in the US, providing the best value. The good news is that the reputation we have earned from the Better Business Bureau (A rating) and a long list of review sites is evidence that we are achieving our goal. If FrontPoint already protects your home or business, thank you. You are a member of a special group – the most loyal customers in the alarm industry. If we are not providing your peace of mind yet, perhaps it's time to see why so many people are saying great things about FrontPoint.

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