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By: Editor
April 7, 2014
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Social Around the Clock

FrontPoint has an entire social team that is dedicated to responding to your inquiries online. Interacting with you on everything from popular review sites to mainstream social media channels and the FrontPoint blog, this group is all about customer appreciation and experience.

More than that, they're fun! That's part of what makes this team an important part of FrontPoint's overall customer experience, 24/7. They genuinely care about YOU. That's why they make sure to answer your questions, respond to your feedback, and plan awesome giveaways day-in and day-out.

On top of that, they bring a little social delight to the FrontPoint marketing team.

Today, we're taking a bit of a dive into their world, to get an idea of what it's like to be on the social team.

Message from the Social Team

We're very dedicated to the customer experience -- at FrontPoint and on the social team. That's what makes our jobs so much fun! We truly believe that by being available and accessible to you, we're better able to enrich your experience with FrontPoint and it allows us to understand your evolving needs. It’s great to read customer feedback about FrontPoint. It validates the hard work we put into making sure each customer is treated with the highest level of customer service.

The other great part about FrontPoint is the people that we get to work with every day. On the social team, we like each other so much that we have lunch together every Friday. It's a small gesture, but when you're constantly connected like we are, it's a nice break from the job. We joke around a lot, but we also talk "business." Some of our best ideas come during Friday lunch!

Join the Conversation

At the end of the day -- and sometimes on the weekends and late at night -- we work hard to provide peace of mind to all customers. If you have any questions or want to talk about your FrontPoint system, you can connect with us on a variety of social platforms, including:

FacebookTwitter, Google+, FrontPoint Blog, Yelp, Consumer Affairs

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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Steven Leffert
April 20, 2014 at 3:28 AM
Dear Front Point... I will be ordering about $750.00 of additional equipment... more on that later.. my question is my notification system with you now as far as I know and have been working just fine is either by phone or email system with my wife and myself... Can I or would it be better to also be notified by by text if an alarm sounds... or can it also be added to our list of how we are notified.. Just as a note in the future I will be adding 2 stationary cameras and 1 rotating type camera to the inside of my home... I also need additional information on how the cameras come on or do they idle and only transmit when an alarm sounds etc etc.. Thanks so much.... also ps... thanks for the credits I received by giving names of new customers...
Jamie Botzer
April 22, 2014 at 9:14 PM
Thank you for asking these great questions, Steven! It’s always smart to use your online features when it comes to event and alarm notifications. Text or email notification settings are more of a personal preference than a statement of which is better, but you can certainly have both! That way you’re covering all of your bases and if an alarm does go off, you'll receive both an email and text. You can set this up under the “notifications” tab on your account. You can chose to be alerted by text if a door opens, if the system is armed/disarmed, or if an alarm is triggered, etc. I am going to have a Support Specialist reach out to you to help set up text notifications and answer any other questions you may have -- including anything about cameras. Setting up notifications are just one more way to customize your system. Hope this helps and thanks again.
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