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Spring Break Safety Tips

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Spring Break Safety Tips
March 31, 2023

Spring Break Safety Tips

With Spring Break right around the corner, many people are excited to get away and enjoy their vacation. But before you go, it's important to consider one more thing: home security.  

When you’re away from home on vacation, your house is vulnerable to porch pirates or, even worse – burglars. Consider installing a smart home security system to provide an added layer of protection for your property and help deter unauthorized people. Here are a few home security products you need to add to your Spring Break safety checklist:

1. Yard Signs and Window Stickers

Let potential burglars know that your house is not going to be an easy target. With a Frontpoint security system, you’re getting top-rated, 24/7 professional monitoring. Yard signs and window stickers are your first line of defense, especially when you’re away for Spring Break. When a criminal is choosing a house to break into, they're less likely to break into the one that they know is protected by home security.

2.  Security Cameras

Keep an eye on things going on inside and outside of your home at all times. Whether you’re traveling across the country to Europe or just visiting your local beach town, you’ll be able to check your Frontpoint app for your camera feed. A doorbell camera like the Frontpoint Wireless Doorbell Camera comes especially in handy for porch pirates or just visitors that didn’t realize you were away on vacation. With Two-Way Audio, you can scare away potential intruders or tell that friendly neighbor to come back another day.

3. Security Sensors

When away for Spring Break, make sure your home has door and window sensors and motion sensors If you add glass break sensors as well, this will eliminate any possibility that a burglar could enter your home undetected by breaking a window in an area where you don't have motion sensors. When armed, these sensors will trigger your alarm system and notified not only you but your team of 24/7 monitoring professionals. Even if you're not home, Frontpoint has your back.

4. Wireless Light Control

Wireless light control a great way to make your home look occupied even if no one is there. Schedule your lights to turn on and off at certain times of the day. A home that is completely dark inside for days is an indicator that a house is empty, and that makes it a target for burglaries.

Have peace of mind when you’re away for Spring Break with these home security product suggestions. These Spring Break safety tips will help you feel secure and allow you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about what’s going on at home.

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