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Can I Take My Home Security System When I Move?

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Can I Take My Home Security System When I Move?
August 9, 2022

Can I Take My Home Security System When I Move?

Moving to a new home is no easy feat. After the stressful mission of securing a place to live, now you must pack up everything you own only to unpack it all soon after. It’s exhausting! The good news is that relocating your home security system does not have to be one of the many excruciating inconveniences of moving to a new place. In fact, it should be the simplest task on your list. Unfortunately, not every home security company makes this easy. But if you have a DIY home security system like Frontpoint’s, it should be stress-free.

DIY Home Security Systems Are Easy to Move

DIY home security systems are made to be simple for the average person to set up on their own. So, it only makes sense for that to be the case when you move it somewhere else. That’s why Frontpoint takes all the guesswork out of relocating your home security system. Here are a few things that Frontpoint does for customers who are moving:

  • Products are programmed to work even if you place them in a new home.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, the highly-rated customer service team is available via phone, live chat, and email.
  • Frontpoint will send you a FREE Mover’s Kit with new adhesives and door stickers to make things even simpler for you.
  • Sensors are "peel and stick," which is especially beneficial if you're a renter and cannot leave holes in the walls.  
  • Since it’s so easy to move your system, there’s no moving fee

Unfortunately, some home security companies do not do any of these things for their customers. In fact, some even charge hefty moving fees! If this is the type of customer service you’re experiencing, you may want to consider switching to a new service. 

New Place, New Security Needs

While it’s easy to transfer the Frontpoint devices you currently own, moving somewhere new is an excellent opportunity to add more to your home security system. It is likely that your new place has an entirely different layout than your last one, and therefore, different security needs. Here are some examples of areas that may need a new security solution:

  • You own a garage now.

Add a garage door tilt sensor! It can detect if your garage door is left open longer than usual and sends you a notification to take action

  • You gained an additional floor.

If you have an extra floor that you didn’t have in your last home, then you’ll definitely need additional smoke and heat sensors. These sensors should be present on every level for safety reasons.

  • You have more windows and doors.

More windows means more natural light, but it also means more entrances into your home. Make sure you have enough door and window sensors to cover them all.

  • Your front entrance is on a busier street.

Maybe your new place is more vulnerable to porch pirates, or you just want the ability to see what’s going on in front of your house when you’re not there. A doorbell camera may be the perfect solution for you.

  • Your new property includes a big backyard.

Who doesn’t love a huge backyard?! Make sure you get an outdoor camera or two so you can keep an eye on the kids without running to the window every five minutes!

Remember, relocating your home security system should never be stressful or expensive. If you currently have a Frontpoint home security system and you’re planning to move soon, visit the Move Portal to get your free Mover’s Kit.

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