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The Best Home Security System for Pet Owners

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The Best Home Security System for Pet Owners
April 6, 2020

The Best Home Security System for Pet Owners


dogs are wonderful, but who’s guarding them?

We often think of dogs as protectors. But while the presence of a barking dog scares some burglars away, other intruders react with violence when they feel threatened. Criminals may even consider your beloved animals worth taking and selling or keeping. News stories reveal instances of family pets being injured, stolen, or even killed during a break-in.

Fortunately, modern home security systems provide many ways of keeping pets—from a demure Pekinese to a tough German Shepherd—safe. The best home security systems for pet owners not only protect your furry friends from home invaders, but they also guard against many other dangers animals may encounter in your home. And these systems even let you check in on and speak to them when you’re gone.


dogs in the news (and other scary stories)

KPRC News in Houston recently reported the theft of two purebred Boston terriers during a residential break-in. The family returned home to a broken window, ransacked rooms, stolen gaming devices, and a damaged safe. Most devastating of all, their pets were missing. The family took immediate action to prevent a repeat occurrence—installing security cameras—but unfortunately, it was too late to help their precious dogs.

Learn more about preventing repeat break-ins.

Not long ago, San Diego’s ABC 10 News covered the story of a dog who was injured by burglars. Security cameras showed intruders leaving the property moments before a woman and her young daughter returned home. The thieves made off with jewelry, a handgun, and electronics.

While the family members were thankful for their safety, they were deeply disturbed by the video recording’s audio—which revealed their 10-year old dog crying out in pain seconds after the burglars entered their home through a screen door. The camera footage may help police capture and convict the criminals responsible. But a door sensor connected to an alarm system may have deterred the thieves before the dog was in danger of attack.

And in February, a news outlet in Pelham, Georgia, shared the account of a worst-case scenario for pet owners—a family dog was killed by a burglar during a residential robbery. The fact that the dog was locked inside its cage and could have posed no possible threat to the thief makes this crime particularly appalling. Captain Adam Lamb of the local police department said that the best way for homeowners to protect themselves from this type of tragedy is to lock your doors, turn on your lights, and install some kind of security system.


sensors are the first line of defense against intruders—and they protect curious

pets from other dangers too

The primary purpose of home security sensors like door/window sensors and motion sensors is to sense an intruder and send an alert to your home security system’s control panel. If your system is armed, this will trigger a loud alarm and alert your monitoring center. In many cases, the simple presence of a home security system or a blaring alarm will drive criminals away from your home—protecting your property and pets from theft and assault. Although a barking dog may also deter burglars, we’ve seen that some intruders may silence a provoked pet by any means necessary rather than leave the property and search for an easier target.

Modern smart home security systems also provide homeowners with real-time mobile and email notifications—whether something is caused by an intruder or a pet. Motion sensors can provide you with an alert if an animal that is over 40 lbs. enters an area of your home that is unsafe or off-limits. Embedded motion sensors in cameras can also send an alert and give you access to recorded clips or real-time video that you can access from a smartphone or another device.

And door and window sensors can also trigger an alert if your little escape artist manages to break out of or break into an area. These useful devices can be placed on almost anything that opens and closes—crates, cupboards, trash cans, refrigerators, etc. Use this technology to help prevent playful pups from chewing your shoes, make sure kittens stay out of the out of an area they’ve been using as a litter box, and know if your dog is trying to steal chicken bones from the trash can.

You may not be able to stop bad behavior if you’re far away from home, but you’ll know it’s happening. And with cameras, you’ll know how, and you may even be able to intervene with a sternly worded command from the camera’s 2-way audio.

With Frontpoint, you can use a mobile app to see at a glance whether anything with a Door/Window Sensor installed is open or closed. If your son left a pet safety gate open, your daughter shut the door to the room with the cat’s litter box, or your husband left open the cupboard containing rat poison, you can stay informed and rectify these dangerous situations.

Won’t my

pet accidentally set off security alarms?

Door and window sensors are rarely accidentally triggered by playful pets. Selecting the appropriate setting for your security system can avoid unwanted alarms. Frontpoint provides three security system settings: Disarm, Arm (Stay), and Arm (Away).

  • Arm (Stay) will arm all sensors, except for motion sensors.
  • Arm (Away) will arm all sensors. Only armed sensors will trigger an alarm and send an alert to your monitoring service.
  • Disarm stops the system from sounding an alarm and sending a notification to the 24/7 professional monitoring center if any intrusion sensor is tripped. You can still program the system to send you mobile alerts as well as sound some onsite notifications, however.
Picture of the Frontpoint App ScreenPicture of the Frontpoint App Screen

Best of all, you can choose how you would like to receive mobile and audible notifications, which sensors you would like to receive alerts for, and what times of day or days of the week notifications are sent.

You may want to disarm your security system if you’re going to be in and out of the house frequently. If you and your (larger) furry friends will be moving around the house in areas with motion sensors installed, Arm (Stay) is usually the right setting to choose. And when you’re away from home, setting your security system to Arm (Away) is best. There are several ways to avoid having pets trigger your armed motion sensors unnecessarily.

Frontpoint’s passive infrared Motion Sensors are pet-friendly, meaning they won’t be set off by pets under 40 pounds. Rather than detecting all movement in a space, passive sensors scan the area where they are installed for infrared heat signals radiated from living beings. By ignoring body heat from smaller animals, passive sensors minimize false alarms caused by scampering dogs, cats, or other pets.

Learn more about the best motion sensors for home security.

Proper installation of motion sensors is key to avoiding false alarms from larger pets. These components are typically installed about four or five feet above the ground. If you have larger dogs, you may prefer to place motion sensors up high—positioned to capture the movements of upright people instead of animals on four legs. Point sensors away from areas where cats tend to climb (though house cats aren’t big enough to set off a motion sensor typically) or dogs may play. Whenever possible, install sensors and cameras in areas that are out of reach for curious pets.

Picture of DogPicture of Dog
This little guy won’t set off Frontpoint Motion Sensors—but there are other ways to check that he isn’t getting into trouble.

You can also simply keep larger pets contained in areas of the house without motion sensors when you're away.

And when choosing a home security system, be sure to select one that allows you to stop alarms remotely using a mobile app. If your pet triggers an accidental alarm, you can tap a button to immediately shut it off and let the monitoring service know it’s not a real emergency.


guard dogs from cuts with glass break sensors

A burglar breaking through your patio door may be a danger to your pets. But so is the broken glass they create—especially if it is the sharp annealed glass often found in homes, and not tempered (safety) glass. Whether a neighborhood kid accidentally throws a baseball through your kitchen window or a storm brings a tree branch crashing through your living room, broken glass can seriously injure your pets.

Glass break sensors “hear” the sound of breaking glass, trigger your security alarms, and automatically alert your monitoring service. These handy components can often protect all of the window panes and glass doors within a single room. And with real-time notifications, you’ll get a timely heads up if Fido is in danger of cutting his paws or chewing on glass.

Learn more about glass break sensors.

Check on

your pets using home security cameras

Smart security cameras provide peace of mind by automatically recording video clips and sending homeowners instant mobile alerts if any motion is detected—without triggering alarms. Recorded video footage is stored online and can be viewed at any time on smartphones or other mobile devices. This enables homeowners to investigate any alerts and take appropriate action.

Smart video cameras also allow people to see their homes at any time from anywhere via a real-time feed. Owners can check in on pets to see what they’re up to, and even talk to them—when the cameras include two-way audio capabilities. Give your pets appropriate commands like “down” or “off,” comfort them when they’re scared or in pain, or just pop in to say, “Who’s a good boy?!” (The answer, of course, is “You are! The BEST BOY.”)

Frontpoint provides four security cameras that may be beneficial for pet owners. All of them have embedded motion sensors, and they provide HD video resolution and infrared-based night vision for clear video, day or night.

Frontpoint’s Indoor Camera allows you to monitor pets inside your home with a wide-angle horizontal view of 113° and night-vision capability. Communicate remotely with your furry friends using the camera’s two-way audio capabilities.

For greater viewing range and more amenities, consider Frontpoint’s Premium Indoor Camera. This attractive security camera includes Bluetooth speakers, an echo-canceling microphone, and two-way audio. With 1080p resolution, digital pan and tilt, a wide-angle lens for a full 180° view, enhanced zoom capabilities, and night vision, it's almost as though you're in the room with your beloved fur-babies when you access the Premium Indoor Camera’s video feed.

Keep an eye on your pets while they roam your yard with Frontpoint’s Outdoor Camera. Industry-leading detection range and a wide-angle view can capture a panorama of your driveway and yard. These weather-proof cameras can operate in temperatures ranging from below zero to 113° Fahrenheit and are designed to handle rain, hail, snow, and even high-pressure jets of water.

And motion sensors in the similarly weather-resistant Doorbell Camera will let you know when your pooch approaches the door and needs to be let back in.

The best

home security system for pet owners is smart, wireless, and fully customizable

When you have pets, it's essential to choose the right home security system. Here are some features pet owners should look for:

  • Wireless — No wires for pets to chew on means less risk to your pet and little chance of damage to your security system components.
  • Smart — Receive real-time alerts, watch video footage from anywhere, and arm and disarm your system remotely.
  • Pet-friendly motion sensors — Enjoy the security provided by motion sensors, even when you have pets who never seem to slow down.
  • High-quality cameras — Receive clear video footage day or night, and communicate with your pets from anywhere.
  • Environmental sensors — Pets can’t call 911 if the house is on fire, don’t know anything about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, and can’t call you or a plumber if they accidentally flood the bathtub. Smoke and heat sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, and flood sensors trigger alarms and mobile alerts. And they send notifications to your monitoring company, who will call help during a real emergency.
  • Home automation — Security systems that allow you to add compatible Z-wave components create additional safety and convenience for pet owners. Lock your doors remotely with a smart lock, stop a flood with a smart water shutoff valve, open the smart blinds for kitty’s daily bird show, and much, much more.

Pets care for and often protect us. A smart home security system is a great way to return the favor.

Frontpoint keeps homes safe whether families are there or not. We've been revolutionizing the home security industry for over a decade. And we're just getting started. To shop DIY home security systems, check out our Security Packages. If you have questions or would like to discuss a quote, contact us at 1-877-602-5276.

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