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The Life of a Frontpoint Order

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The Life of a Frontpoint Order
October 8, 2015

The Life of a Frontpoint Order

Frontpoint handles every step of our order fulfillment and activation process in-house, and works tirelessly to ensure the system delivered meets expectations and delights our customers. How does it happen? Take a look.

A Simple Phone Call

eli_20150520_1123Your customer order begins with an initial phone call with a Sales Consultant. An order may not  be completed right then and there, but that’s perfectly fine with us! Whether it’s your first or third call, our Sales Team will make sure your experience is a great one, and that you understand everything before purchasing.

Process and Program


After your order is finalized on the phone, it immediately gets sent to our Fulfillment Team. A Technician will custom-select all the equipment and process the order, including programming the Control Panel and accompanying sensors. Your order is tailored to your specifications, so it’ll be ready the moment you receive it – and will work right out of the box.

Packaging is Important


Now that the alarm system has been programmed and processed, it’s time to pack and ship it. The Fulfillment Team puts great care into packaging. Each system is boxed twice – once in our custom Frontpoint box to keep things snug and then in a standard shipping cardboard box for an added layer of protection. Once it’s packed, the system is ready to be sent to your doorstep.

Setup and Activation


When your system has arrived, there’s just a couple of quick and easy steps left before your home is protected. Open up your package, read the instructions and follow the few simple setup steps. Once you panel and sensors are in place, you’re ready to activate. Give our activation line a call and our Support Team will make sure everything is working correctly, and that you are comfortable with how to best use your system.

We’re Always Here

You’re activated! This means your Frontpoint alarm system is now protecting you, your family and home, around-the-clock. But don’t think that we’re done being here for you. Our Support Team is ready to help, whether you have a question or are ready to expand your system. Just give us a call.

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