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Tips for Securing Your Mobile Phone

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Tips for Securing Your Mobile Phone
July 14, 2015
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Tips for Securing Your Mobile Phone

There’s no denying that we rely on our mobile phones more than ever, and that they’re incredibly convenient. You name it, from making phone calls to browsing the internet, from social media to games, our eyes are glued to those screens. Even Frontpoint encourages you to use the mobile app to control your system.

Despite the convenience that our phones have brought us, they’re not perfect devices. Recently, researchers revealed that both Apple and Samsung devices had huge security flaws that made them vulnerable to malicious attacks. You can read more about these flaws here (Apple) and here (Samsung).

Luckily, work to fix these security holes is already underway (Samsung has already released their fix, while Apple is still working on an update). But the reveal of these flaws is a good reminder that you need be careful when using your phone, just as you would while on your personal computer. Here are some tips to get you started.

Download antivirus software

Viruses aren’t as prevalent on phones as they are on computers, but they’re still a threat if your phone isn’t protected. Antivirus software can help you detect viruses found on apps, links and other downloads before your phone gets infected.

Update your operating system, apps and other software

Besides new features and redesigns, phone software is often updated to close security loopholes. Pay attention to the change logs that come with most updates, as they’ll tell you exactly why an app is being updated.

Avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources

Stick to downloading your apps from trusted stores, such as the App Store on Apple devices, and Play Store on Androids. Avoid untrusted sources as best as possible, as these apps haven’t been checked for harmful bits of code.

Avoid rooting or jailbreaking your phone, unless you’re fully confident

Rooting or jailbreaking your phone gives you access to the basic elements of your phone by removing the built-in manufacturer restrictions, letting you fully control it. However, know that there are risks involved, even if you’re 100% confident with the process, as rooting or jailbreaking can leave your phone easily exposed to attacks.

Use kid modes

There are apps that essentially act as a child lock for your phone. When your kids want to play a game, enable the app to ensure that they don’t accidentally access or delete sensitive information or make random phone calls.


What other tips would you recommend for keeping your phone secure?

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