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Tips & Tricks: The Keychain Remote is Awesome, Here's Why

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October 2, 2014
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Tips & Tricks: The Keychain Remote is Awesome, Here's Why

Frontpoint’s all about making home security simpler and you can see evidence of this in our equipment. After all, protecting your home shouldn’t be complicated.

The prime example of easy-to-use equipment is the Keychain Remote. It’s particularly useful for people who are always on the move, allowing you to manage your home’s safety through a tiny device. But make no mistake, the remote is great for anybody who wants an easier and more convenient way to use their Frontpoint alarm system.

Why is the Keychain Remote so awesome?

There are a number of reasons that make the Keychain Remote so handy:

  1. Size –The Keychain Remote is small enough to dangle off your keychain, so as long as you have your keys nearby, you’ll have access to your system (within a 100-yard range).
  2. Convenience – Control of your system is always within an arm’s reach. If you don’t want to keep the remote on your keys, you can keep it on your nightstand or drawer.
  3. Simplicity – Arming and disarming is easy as pressing a button. If you have a Wireless Light Control, you can even use the Keychain Remote to turn your lights on and off!
  4. Emergency Panic – The Keychain Remote also comes with a panic alarm button, so if you’re ever in need, you call for help immediately.

Also, if you have multiple Keychain Remotes in your system – like for a spouse or your kids – you can personalize each of them for easy identification. This makes it extremely easy to see who is arming and disarming your system.

So if you’re looking for something to make using your alarm system easier, look no further – the Keychain Remote is the answer.

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