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Tips and Tricks: How to: Multiple User Codes

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August 1, 2014
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Tips and Tricks: How to: Multiple User Codes

Accessibility is a huge part of the FrontPoint home alarm system. We want you to be able to access your alarm system when you want or need to, as conveniently as possible. It’s why FrontPoint offers products like the Keychain Remote or Talking TouchPad, and features like the mobile app.

These are great for a single user, but what happens if there’s more than one user – can it remain convenient?

Yes, it can. FrontPoint’s system offers convenience – without sacrificing security – by allowing multiple unique user codes.  But before we go into further detail, let’s examine all of the codes associated with FrontPoint.

Three Main Codes

  • Master Code: a 4-digit combination that is pre-programmed into the Control Panel. This combination is required to access most settings in the System Programming menu. It will also disarm the Control Panel.
  • User Codes: additional 4-digit combinations that users can program into the Control Panel. These combinations can arm and disarm the Control Panel, but cannot be used to change settings in the System Programming menu.
  • Pass Code: a security word or set of numbers that is used to verify your identity. The pass code is not used to access the Control Panel.

The master code comes pre-programmed and ready-to-use with the Control Panel. And the code can be shared with trusted members to allow for arming and disarming. So why bother with additional user codes?

Advantages of Additional User Codes

The major advantage of having unique user codes is the ability to identify specific users. When used in conjunction with the mobile app or online customer portal, unique user codes will let you know exactly who is using your alarm system by displaying their designated name. You will also be notified of the exact time the user used the system.

And because the additional user codes can't change settings in the System Programming menu, you don't have to worry about anyone mistakenly (or purposely) tampering with your system. Give each of your kids a unique code, so you’ll be able to know that they arrived home safely. You could also designate a code for a babysitter, housekeeper or dog walker, which will allow you to see that they’re doing their job! If they’re no longer employed, just delete the code.

How to Add User Codes

Adding user codes is very easy to do and can be done through your account.

1)  Log into your account.


2)  Click on the User Code tab.


 3)  Click on the Add User button that is underneath the current user codes.


4)  Enter the first and last name of the new user (email/mobile address is optional) and then click Save.


5)  The new contact should appear in the Address Book. Click on the “Go to User Codes Page” button.


 6)  Enter a user code for the new user and check off the Security Panel Access button to grant the new user access to the Control Panel. Click Save.

 6   You’re done! The new user will now have a unique code that will allow them to arm/disarm the security system. You can view their activity on the mobile app or online portal.

Accessibility for Multiple Users

Multiple user codes provides a convenient way for an entire household and trusted guests to use the home’s alarm system. And with the feature of being able to see who’s accessing the system at all times, you can have peace of mind wherever you are.

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