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How To Use Your Home Alarm System to Watch Your Pets

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July 16, 2014
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How To Use Your Home Alarm System to Watch Your Pets

What do our pets do when we step out of the house?

I’ve always imagined that dogs would climb into the forbidden land of the master bedroom and roll around in the bed, while cats would hop into the recliner and watch some TV. Or maybe they both meet and conspire against humans…

The point is that you just have no idea what your pets are up to when you’re not home – unless you have a way to monitor them!

Using FrontPoint for Pets

Many home alarm systems are equipped with features that can help you do exactly that. Features like security cameras, a mobile app and instant notifications are the perfect tools to help you monitor your pets.

Let’s look at how a second set of eyes – security cameras – can help you monitor your pets.

Pet Cams

Like other alarm companies, FrontPoint offers security cameras to pair with their home alarm system. There are three cameras to choose from, each with different functions, giving you multiple ways to check up on your pets.

  1. Wireless Indoor Camera (WCAM) – The WCAM has a viewing range of up to 50 feet and can view activity in the dark. It’s perfect for monitoring large rooms and hallways that your pet might frequent.
  2. Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera (PTCAM) – The PTCAM is another indoor camera, but has a greater viewing range than the WCAM. You can control it by panning and tilting, making it a great way to track your pets.
  3. Wireless Outdoor Camera (ODCAM) – The ODCAM is designed to handle the rigors of the outdoors, so it’s perfect for watching over pets who like to spend time in front or back yards.

Hop onto a computer with online access and you can view a live feed from your cameras, or you can view recorded clips that get sent to you whenever a camera detects motion. This can also be done on your smartphone using the FrontPoint mobile app, which is a great tool that enhances the effectiveness of your cameras.

Always Connected

Use the mobile app to tune into your cameras’ feeds at any time, from anywhere. See what your pets are up to during your lunch break or while you’re at the gym!

The mobile app allows you to stay connected to your home, even when you’re not there. This makes it easier to protect your home, family and pets than ever before.

Best of all? The app is completely free to download for smartphones and tablets.

Ready to React

A key component of the mobile app is the ability to get instant alerts and notifications. Anytime a sensor triggers or system status changes, you’ll known instantly, wherever you are. So if Fido or Whiskers happen to crack the front door open or flood the sink while you’re gone, don’t worry, you’ll be notified. This allow you to react quickly to protect your home and pets.

Pet-Proof Sensors

And if you’re concerned that your pets will trigger your sensors and set off a false alarm, rest assured, FrontPoint sensors are pet-proof – even the Motion Sensor, a typically pet-unfriendly sensor, will not be triggered for pets under 40 pounds.

Be Aware of Pet Activities

Take the mystery out of what your pets are doing at home with the help of a home alarm system. Stay connected and always be ready to react should the need ever arise.

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Donna DiFalco
August 12, 2014 at 5:24 PM
I'm a Front Point Security customer for 2 yrs now. Their customer service is superior and the equipment is dependable. The only concern I have is the motion sensor. I have a 10 lb Yorkie who jumps up on the couch to look out the window when the lawn maintenance people are cutting the grass. I had the sensor sitting on a counter facing the windows approx 10 feet away. My Yorkie set off the motion sensor and set off a false alarm. I had to reposition the sensor to face away from the windows that are vulnerable to intruders.
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