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Reminder on Insurance Discounts for Protecting Your Home and Family

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January 10, 2012
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Reminder on Insurance Discounts for Protecting Your Home and Family

Here at FrontPoint we pride ourselves on being extremely knowledgeable and completely transparent, so we get a lot of questions: about how our wireless, state-of-the-art systems work, or why 100 % cellular monitoring really is safer, or even why our patented “Crash & Smash” protection makes a FrontPoint system with advanced Interactive services virtually impossible to defeat. Another question that comes up a lot is about homeowner’s insurance, and how having a monitored alarm system can save you money.

It’s True, as Insurance Companies Will Tell You

Of the many claims made by various alarm companies, one is almost universal: that a monitored alarm system can provide a nice discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy, and partially offset your monthly monitoring fee. I have known this to be the case for over twenty years, but recently did some homework to reconfirm. Yup, it’s still true: the discounts are there, and they average roughly 15%, but can be higher. Here’s a blurb from the Wall Street Journal’s SmartMoney site, regarding home insurance savings:

Your central alarm system could save you hundreds on your annual premiums. Insurers will routinely give you 15% to 20% off for a fire and burglar alarm system hooked up to a third-party monitoring company. At The Hartford, you can get a 2% discount for deadbolt locks and a 2% discount for smoke alarms.

Alarm Systems Work - That Explains the Savings

These discounts reinforce the fact that alarm system work - and there are proven ways to make sure you are getting the highest level of discount on your policy. Of course, the discount you receive will depend on your carrier, and the type of coverage you have – in addition to the type of alarm monitoring you select.

  • When shopping for insurance, compare prices only after you calculate all relevant discounts.
  • Make sure your insurance company knows you have a monitored alarm system. This is normally done with a certificate provided by your alarm company (just ask: getting it should be easy).
  • Most insurers provide additional discounts for monitored fire protection. If this is not part of your alarm system, add it now (read my blog on the benefits of fire monitoring).
  • Some insurers want to know that you use UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed equipment, and a UL listed monitoring center. It should be simple for your alarm provider to verify these facts. If either is not the case, you may have bigger concerns than savings!

Here are some handy links to a few insurance carrier sites that address the monitored alarm system discount topic:

Travelers Insurance

The Hartford Insurance

Chubb Personal Insurance

These days, we all want to save where we can - and it's great to know that that protecting your home and family the right way can mean real savings on your insurance. As the leader in wireless home security, FrontPoint has earned its excellent reputation by providing peace of mind that is safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat. Insurance savings fit nicely with the "more affordable" part of the FrontPoint offer - just one more reason why we are the #1 ranked alarm company in the US.

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300 off
April 13, 2015 at 9:16 PM
Im a new customer of Frontpoint security. How do obtain this certificate?
Valerie Saponara
April 14, 2015 at 2:04 PM
Great question, just give our Support Team a call whenever you're ready and ask for your insurance certificate. We will email it to you instantly!
October 26, 2015 at 3:36 PM
It would be fantastic if there were an IVR option for this certificate. I can't find one that works, and there isn't an option to 0 out to speak to someone without the system just hanging up on you. It's almost like you don't want to talk to customers...
Katie Rynex
October 26, 2015 at 4:29 PM
Katherine, thanks so much for sharing your feedback with us. We're sorry to hear that you have had a difficult time reaching our Support Team. We want to make sure you are entirely taken care of which is why we are going to have one of our Support Supervisors reach out to you shortly to help you. Thanks again and we look forward to speaking with you soon!
January 26, 2016 at 12:15 AM
I am having the exact same problem Katherine had (Oct. 26, 2015, 12:20 p.m.) Could a customer support person get in touch with me so that I can have an certificate faxed to my insurer proving that I am a Frontpoint security system user. Thank you.
Valerie Saponara
January 26, 2016 at 6:27 PM
Robert it looks like our Support Team emailed you your insurance certificate about 10 minutes after posting this, so if for some reason you don't see that email please let me know!
February 7, 2016 at 4:46 PM
could i please get a certificate mailed to me please. Thanks
Valerie Saponara
February 8, 2016 at 3:28 PM
Shane, we see that our Support Team was able to send this out to you recently. Please let us know if you need anything else.
June 20, 2016 at 11:21 PM
Can I please get a certificate emailed to me for my insurance?
Katie Rynex
June 24, 2016 at 3:03 PM
Will, we have one of our Support Specialists getting that insurance certificate made up for you and they will be emailing it over to you shortly. Thanks for reaching out and please let us know if you ever need anything else!
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