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Wireless Home Alarms Update - Burglar Who Cuts Phone Lines Strikes Again

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May 31, 2011
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Wireless Home Alarms Update - Burglar Who Cuts Phone Lines Strikes Again

I recently posted on the burglar who was disabling alarm systems in Minneapolis suburbs, primarily by cutting phone lines of the homes he targets. Smart burglars know that’s the best (and easiest way) to render a traditional alarm system useless – and sadly, the great majority of alarm systems in use today depend on a phone line for sending an alarm signal to the monitoring center. Here’s the latest report on this increasing trend.

Disarming burglar sought in metro break-ins

Minneapolis police released surveillance images Thursday of a man they believe is responsible for at least five "sophisticated high-end burglaries" near the Chain of Lakes and more in the western suburbs. Authorities say a break-in near Lake Harriet has elements matching burglaries elsewhere in the city, as well as in Edina, Minnetonka, Plymouth and Wayzata.

The question arises from time to time: do burglars really cut phone lines? The answer is yes, and it’s becoming more common all the time.

How He Does It

In each of the Minneapolis cases, a police spokesman said, a suspect compromised alarm systems and got away with items that include jewelry, cash, checkbooks and high-end electronics. At one home, on the eastern edge of Lake of the Isles and valued at more than $3 million, two exterior video surveillance systems were disabled, police records show. Phone lines also were cut.

Link to Previous Crimes

Two weeks ago, Edina police turned to the public for help solving three daytime burglaries in that city's northwest corner. Phone lines were cut during two of the break-ins, police said. Jewelry was taken in two incidents. In a third, a female homeowner surprised a man in her front hall, and he turned and ran from the home.

The methodology is the same – but what the police are not saying is that it could just as easily be another burglar who knows the best way to defeat a “normal” alarm system.

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