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February 29, 2012 Announces More Smart Home Services for Savings and Convenience

I’ve often stated that, FrontPoint’s technology partner, wrote the book on advanced interactive monitoring services. It’s true: not only were they first to market with groundbreaking alarm technology, but they have maintained the lead over several “wannabe” interactive imitators (like Honeywell’s Total Connect, and ADT’s Pulse). Today released an announcement that clearly demonstrates why they are still the top dog in the competitive home security marketplace.

By the way, FrontPoint is proud to have built technology into every system we have ever sold, from day one – most likely the only US company who can make that claim. And that means we are the only alarm company that has included safer cellular monitoring in every FrontPoint system – which clearly separates us from the pack, since most alarm system in use today still depend on a vulnerable phone or Internet connection., the industry leading technology provider of interactive security solutions, today announced its release of Smart Schedule Activity Patterns.’s newest feature enables thermostat users to optimize their thermostat settings by seeing their home’s actual activity pattern, based on data reported over time by the security system. The new feature is an enhancement to the company’s emPower™ home automation and energy solution, and is a free service enhancement for its integrated emPower thermostat users who have an advanced interactive service plan.

Background on emPower first launched its emPower solution in the summer of 2010 with the goal of making it easy and affordable for homeowners to achieve greater energy efficiency, convenience, and control. Today, is supporting over 100,000 emPower subscribers across North America. Smart Schedule Activity Patterns is another innovation that connects the valuable information from the Interactive Security System to make energy management easier for customers.

How it Works

Through’s web-interface, users can intelligently program their home’s smart thermostat schedule based on historical activity patterns to further optimize their energy consumption. “An energy management system is much smarter when it's connected to a home’s day to day activity patterns,” said Alison Slavin, Vice President of Product Management. “Because our energy management solution is integrated with our security services platform, we have the unique ability to leverage data from the security system about activity throughout the home. With this increased insight, users are empowered to schedule their heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently and save money.”

Satisfied Users Speak Out

The response from initial users was very positive. A reply from FrontPoint Security customer Samuel Christie explains, “I like having this type of data. This is great for helping to drive efficiency. Having more stuff like this available on your website only further enhances the value of this product.” He also stated, “We liked how well it worked with our first-floor HVAC system that we bought a second, identical thermostat for our second-floor system. Both are now connected to, and it's working out really well.”

FrontPoint Joins the Conversation

FrontPoint Security Co-Founder and COO Peter Rogers said, “We are excited to include the Smart Schedule enhancement as a part of our home management line up. Partnering with allows us to offer our customers ways to reduce energy, save money and help the environment while providing additional value in their security system.”

FrontPoint is different from other alarm companies in several important ways: our systems are safer with 100%  cellular monitoring, smarter since we specialize in’s interactive services, and simpler because our customers easily set them up in about 30 minutes. We also have the best service reputation of any alarm company you can find on-line. FrontPoint welcomes technology advances in protection and home automation that increase your peace of mind – that’s why we partnered with in the first place. As the leader in wireless home security, we specialize in the best protection: that’s why we’re the #1 ranked alarm company in the US. And with’s best-in-class technology, we expect to stay there.

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