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Alarm Company Reviews Help You Shop for Peace of Mind

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June 22, 2012
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Alarm Company Reviews Help You Shop for Peace of Mind

When you’re shopping for home services, nothing beats the power and convenience of online

customer testimonials. There’s just no better way to compare companies than to see what real customers have to say about their providers. This fact holds especially true for wireless home security, since you definitely want to trust your home and family to the best provider, with the best technology, and the best service level: all that spells peace of mind, which you deserve.

What Customers Say

Today’s shoppers increasingly use the Internet to research alarm companies - for complaints, as well as raves. In fact, there are some sites that specifically focus on complaints, and they are great resources for comparative shopping. Plus, you can learn a lot in a short time. I’ve posted on the growth and importance of alarm company review sites before – and wrote recently on an alarm company warning issued by the granddaddy of review sites – the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Today you can check online reviews for just about any company - even the ones who knock on your door, offering a deal you cannot refuse: just remember: you really want to do your homework before you sign up.Specific Sites to VisitSome of the popular sites (like and have starred rating systems, and users can apply a 1-5 score along with a detailed description of their experience. Angie’s List is a membership review site, where their subscribers can share detailed notes about a wide range of service providers. FrontPointhas great reviews on all of them, and today I’ll share a home alarm shopping story with you.Here’s What Happened

Recently a potential FrontPoint customer was speaking with one of our Security Consultants. These highly-trained employees really are consultants: they help to customize every FrontPoint system by asking how you will use your system, how your home is laid out, and then recommending the best solution, followed by a detailed quote. No “bait and switch” with a cheap “teaser” alarm system that gets really expensive when you order what you actually need, and no pressure to buy more than you want – in fact, no pressure at all.

So, the FrontPoint Security Consultant suggested to this prospective customer that she check out our reviews, and even gave her some specific sites to research. A day later, she sent the FrontPoint Consultant the following email.

“I am doing my homework, as I said I would.  I contacted someone on Yelp who wrote back to me.  I feel he’s very legit.  Here’s what he had to say:”

Yes, they are awesome... Still! I don't think you will regret your decision at all if you decide to go with them.  And if you do, I think they have a 30 day money back guarantee or something.  But I think it highly unlikely.

Advice:  don't be too stingy or too spendy on sensors.  You want enough for the system to be effective, but past a certain point, remember, you can always add sensors easily at any time.  I would have door/window sensors for any accessible door or window, a few glass-breaks for areas with lots of windows for Defense in Depth, and maybe a few motions as appropriate.  The garage door sensor is great too.  And of course, you will want to have at least one fire/smoke and one CO detector.   But don't go crazy like I did and order 10 motions sensors for a 1,200 square foot home.  That was silly/eccentric of me.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Oh, I would get a 2 or 3 remote keypads (at least one to start with), so you can put the control panel in a somewhat hidden place and use the touchpad for all day-to-day operations.  But somewhere you can still hear it announce arm/disarm, etc.

The standard, non-fancy remote touchpads are excellent for areas where you don't have easy access to a wall plug.  They seem low tech, but give you the functions you use most.  The touchpad is great too, but like I said, requires power. Oh, and the battery in EVERYTHING lasts forever!! I haven't had to replace ANY batteries in any sensors, etc. since I've had my system for 5 years, and some sensors are used a lot.  It's amazing, I never would have guessed.


Anyway, hope this helps.  FrontPoint has been EXCELLENT for me and I'm quite confident you would be happy too, but whoever you ultimately go with, best of luck to you!

Well, in my book it doesn’t get any better than that. If this woman des not buy a FrontPoint system, I’ll be amazed. You may have found your own great review sites – if so, please let me know, and I’ll spread the word. The good news is that these sites are objective, credible, and not subject to abuse, which makes them all the more useful. And I should mention that when you search for “FrontPoint reviews” you’ll find the same great news: we work extra hard on behalf of our customers to make sure it stays that way. As the leader in wireless home security, and the #1 ranked home alarm company in the US, FrontPoint is committed to your safety and security – and that means honest sales and advertising, no hidden fees, the best technology at the best price, and world-class service. Now that’s peace of mind.

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