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Amazing Coincidence: Man Spots Burglars While Flying Over His Home

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December 7, 2011
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Amazing Coincidence: Man Spots Burglars While Flying Over His Home

Talk about impossibly small odds. Imagine that you’re on your first flight ever: you’re in a small, private plane, and you ask the pilot to fly over your house. When you get there, you see burglars in the process of ripping off your house! Amazing, right? Well that’s exactly what happened in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and the good news is that the pilot was able to call the police and aid in capturing the criminals.

When David Hudson, Steven Lynn, and another friend decided to go flying on Friday, they never would have bargained for the day they would have. After returning from Memphis, Lynn asked Hudson, who was flying the aircraft, if they could fly over his house. Hudson set a course for Lynn's home and when they arrived they couldn't believe their eyes.

What They Saw – and What They Did Next

"When I took him over his house, there were a couple of guys loading up a bunch of stuff," said Hudson, "I was like, someone is stealing stuff down there." After seeing the suspects at his home, Lynn called his uncle to go see what was going on. When Lynn's uncle arrived, police say the suspects threw some of the items from the truck and took off.

What’s especially remarkable is that this same plot line unfolded earlier this year, in Tennessee – and I posted on that incident as well! But back to our story…

Police Join the Action

"They were giving us turn by turn directions and giving us a description by county road," said Deputy Sheriff Phillip Wheaton. He said that when he went to work that day, he never expected to be getting turn-by-turn directions from an eye in the sky. The suspects were eventually stopped and arrested on Highway 158 right under the watchful eye of the lucky homeowner and his friends. "When we saw the cops pull up it was just pure excitement," said Lynn. Both burglars were arrested and charged.

Will He Fly Again?

Lynn says the chances of him being in the right place at the right time were very slim, "The odds that we were flying over the house at the exact time they were there, are almost zero." This was Lynn's first time in an airplane - he says next time goes he'll be a little on edge, "I'll be nervous until I see there's nobody there."

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