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Colorado Police Think High Gold Prices are Behind Burglary Spike

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April 14, 2012
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Colorado Police Think High Gold Prices are Behind Burglary Spike

FrontPoint isn’t just known for advanced interactive monitoring and best-in-class service: we also provide a ton of useful information about how alarm systems work, what makes some alarm technologies (and alarm companies!) better than others, and what to think about when you are shopping for peace of mind. We think it’s part of our responsibility as a home security services provider to educate as well, and that includes relaying information from around the US on residential crime: where it’s increasing, who’s responsible, and what's behind it. And a story from Pueblo, Colorado is a great example – discussing how police there are connecting the recent increase in burglaries to the fluctuating but still stratospheric cost of a certain commodity.

The high price of gold could be linked to a rash of home burglaries that has plagued Pueblo recently. About 240 forced-entry burglaries have been reported since July. Pueblo police said suspects are striking during the day and taking, among other things, mainly jewelry.

Linking the Numbers Together

The price of gold could be a driving factor behind the break-ins.  In August, gold hit a record high of $1,891 an ounce. Since then the price has slumped but on Friday, The Associated Press reported gold climbed back to $1,683 an ounce. [As of April 13, 2012, it stands at $1,658.] The value and demand of gold is high because of efforts to boost economies in the United States and Europe, the AP said.

What it Means in Pueblo, Colorado

"With the value of gold going up, (burglary) has increased dramatically. There's been a lot of burglaries involving strictly jewelry," said Sgt. Mark Duran of the Pueblo Police Department's crimes against property unit. The value of the items being reported stolen is often high. But the true and accurate price of stolen items is debatable.   "The values people report a lot are inflated, I'm not going to say intentionally, but there's a lot of sentimental value," Duran said. "But we're not going to question them on the value of their (jewelry). That's going to be between them and hopefully their insurance provider."

The Trail is Cold

Few arrests have been made. Of the 240 forced-entry burglaries since July, Duran said only three of the break-ins have been linked together, and only two arrests have been made. "As much as we'd like to solve each and every crime, a lot of time we're left with little evidence and suspect information," Duran said. "What we've noticed is there's more daytime burglaries where neighbors aren't looking out for other neighbors. People need to go inquire what strangers are doing. We need them to be the eyes and ears of the community."  Overall, burglaries have trended upward in Pueblo the last few years.   According to the police department's annual report for 2010, there were 1,608 reported burglaries, a substantial increase from the 1,290 reported in 2009.

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