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Homeowner's Security Camera Captures Footage of Burglar, but No Arrest Yet

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February 3, 2012

Homeowner's Security Camera Captures Footage of Burglar, but No Arrest Yet

Security cameras in the home are being used like never before across the US, and it’s helping. Police are happy to work with homeowners who capture video footage of the bad guys, and I'm often amazed at how quickly an arrest takes place once a perp’s picture makes the rounds. While police are accustomed to matching photos and video against their records, some homeowners have taken matters into their own hands by circulating the images on Facebook to see anyone recognizes the burglar – often with dramatic results. In this recent story from Scottdale, Georgia, the burglar left a healthy dose of evidence: police have not caught up with him yet, but they are planning to do so.

A Scottdale homeowner and DeKalb County police are hoping someone can identify a suspect who broke into a home and burglarized and vandalized it. He was captured on the home’s surveillance cameras.

What Happened at the Scene…

Police believe at least two suspects broke into the home on Chapel Street through a back window. Once inside, they tore the place apart, smashing a big screen television, kicking in locked doors and ransacking the place. They got into drawers and closets and threw things all over the house.

and What the Burglars Stole

Ryan Kellagher [the homeowner] said they stole two laptops, a flat screen television and some jewelry. "It's just the worst feeling when you come home and see everything ransacked in your house," he said. Kellagher lives in the home that has a surveillance camera on the front porch. It shows a suspect spending several minutes on the front porch trying to make sure no one was home before breaking in.

The Victim Speaks Out

"We really want justice," Kellagher said. "We really want to catch these guys and we don't want this to happen to any other family." Kellagher sent a tip to 11 Alive News through our Crime Scene web page. It's where you can map crime in your neighborhood and sign up for email and cell phone alerts when crime happens.

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