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Kentucky Serial Daytime Burglar Arrested: Linked to 30 Burglaries

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October 14, 2011
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Kentucky Serial Daytime Burglar Arrested: Linked to 30 Burglaries

Serial burglars are a common topic in the news. Some of them garner quite a bit of press, like Staten Island’s notorious Ninja Burglar and Arizona’s Rock Burglar, but most are just your average repeat home intruders. And they keep doing it because they get away with it – at least for a while. Even though we know enough about burglar behavior to make their lives more difficult, there are still way too many homes that are unprotected. And in this economic environment, the problem seems to be getting worse, not better. But here’s a piece of good news: one more habitual burglar is behind bars, as reported in this article from Louisville, KY.

A Louisville man considered the No. 1 suspect in a rash of daytime burglaries in Metro Louisville is now behind bars. According to police, 19-year-old Nathaniel Durham was arrested Monday night at a home in the 2500 block of Cedar Street in west Louisville. Police said the break-ins happened after the suspect escaped from the Home Incarceration Program last November.

Victim’s Reaction

"I am elated, to be perfectly honest with you, and I can't thank all the police agencies (enough) who have been looking so hard for him," said Mary Spanyer. Durham was placed on the Home Incarceration Program after he broke into Mary Spanyer's home last October -- his finger prints were found inside. "For me it was OK because I've always said if they want in, they're going to get in, but it was more the fact that he took away my kids' sense of security," Spanyer said.

This victim expresses another common theme: the lost sense of security and peace of mind experienced by homeowners who feel violated by a home intrusion. What is striking is that there is a burglary every 14 seconds in the US – but only about one in five homeowners has a monitored alarm system, despite their low cost and remarkable reliability.

The Serial Burglar’s Tally

Since Durham's escape from home incarceration, detectives linked him to at least 30 burglaries -- possibly up to 100. Anne Farra said Durham broke the basement window of her St. Matthews home then ransacked her home. According to police, Durham admitted to the burglary and a second in St. Matthews. Durham stole jewelry, a computer, Xbox, video games, money and an iPod that was supposed to be a Christmas gift, Farra said. "Thankfully, everything they took could be replaced and our dog's OK. We weren't home and the window was easily replaced," Farra said.

Wow – up to 100 burglaries is a huge number! But daytime burglaries are in fact the norm, and what he stole fits the pattern exactly. Here are some helpful hints on how burglars break in and what burglars steal, to round out your education on this important topic.

As much as we are relieved when each burglar is taken off the street, let’s not forget that there are plenty more to fill their soft-soled shoes. Increasing drug use, high unemployment, and other factors have taken property crimes to new heights. That’s why FrontPoint is so committed to spreading the word – about wireless home alarm systems that are safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat. We specialize in cellular monitoring and interactive services, the two most important developments in home security – one more reason why we are recognized as the #1 ranked home alarm company in the US. Why wait until one of these serial burglars makes you a statistic? Check out FrontPoint.

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