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Online Alarm Company Reviews Give Consumers a Voice: ADT is a Big Target

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March 8, 2012
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Online Alarm Company Reviews Give Consumers a Voice: ADT is a Big Target

With roughly 6,000,000 domestic alarm customers, both homes and businesses, ADT is by far the largest provider of electronic security in the US - if not the world. And since no company is perfect, with that number of customers, it’s only fair to expect that ADT will receive its fair share of complaints. Even we get the occasional complaint here at FrontPoint, although they are few and far between, and we are a much younger company. But it’s not just the number of complaints that a company receives – it’s the nature of those complaints that is truly indicative of deeper problems that may exist within an organization.

It’s actually the growth of the Internet as a consumer complaint forum that has made life tougher for service providers. Most of us know of sites that award stars and are generally an arena for positive reviews: consider Yelp, EPinions, and Angie’s List. Then there are the other sites, which often look like repositories for bad news – BBB (Better Business Bureau),,, and one of my favorites, Today’s blog shares a post on this last site, and it’s about ADT.

If I were you I would never install an ADT security system in your house/office. Their customer service will be extremely nice to you when you call them to set up the service. Please do enjoy it, as this would be the only time when you will see any smiles from the ADT representatives.

Ouch. That is a bad start.

Nature of the Complaint

We have had the top of the line security system in our current place for over 6 months. When we were installing it we told ADT multiple times that we would move within the year from the installation time. They have assured us that we will be able to take the equipment with us and that there will be no additional fees or anything like that associated with the move. Now, the drumroll. I've been trying to talk to ADT for the past week.

It’s true that few things get people more riled up than not being able to speak with someone about a customer service issue. Frustration at finding a problem solver or decision make can even overshadow the original issue – I know I have felt that way myself.

Can You Hear Me Now?

On average I spent one hour on the phone a day. First, when you're trying to get to the existing customer option they put you on at least a 20 minute call. Once you finally manage to get through to someone they start kicking you like a tennis ball between the departments. Bear in mind that every time you have to repeat all of your information over and over again. And again, as you've been transferred again. And even if you've tolerated through all of these transfers and waiting you won't be able to get an adequate picture of what's going on as every single person you talk to gives you different information.

The Specifics

At the end of the day, here is the pricing of moving to a new location with ADT: first, we paid over $400 the first time we installed the equipment. ADT says that the equipment is yours and you can move it with you to your new location, but with one small detail: you have to pay (!!!) $149 for half (!!!) an hour to their technician to remove the equipment. So, what ADT does is they give you a "deal" - you buy the EXACT same equipment once again. Pay another $400 to get the same things installed all over again.

The best part - your 3 year contract starts all over!!! And to get out of the existing contract you would have to pay up to $1K in cancelation fees, which ADT "graciously" waives if you pay $400 for the equipment that you already have. So please, DO NOT EVER do any business with ADT.

I feel for this consumer, because I read a lot of similar complaints – it seems the cards can be stacked against the homeowner, especially by a big company. And when the company starts playing games to find a workaround for their own policies, then you know something is out of kilter. After all, the goal should be to meet (or exceed!) customer expectations. And today, consumers have  more choices.

A Better Alternative

How about a fully programmed and comprehensive alarm system with safer cellular monitoring that you can set up yourself in half an hour – and that provides the most advanced features you will find in home security and home automation? These systems are out there, and FrontPoint offers just such a solution. You even pay less for equipment and monthly fees than with the big boys. And when it’s time to move, you simply take the system with you: no charge, no contract extension, and no hassle. That’s security with convenience.

As one of the few nationwide providers of advanced home security, FrontPoint regularly competes against ADT and other large companies who seem to act as if bigger automatically means better – at least that’s the attitude they are often accused of. As a younger and more nimble alarm company, FrontPoint has led the alarm industry with peace of mind that is safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat. And we care deeply about every customer review we receive – both positive and negative.

It’s been our goal to continue our significant growth without sacrificing the highest level of service you can find in our industry – and based on our five-star reviews, it looks as if we are succeeding. We expect that as more people research their options, more of them will choose FrontPoint. As the leader in wireless home security, we specialize in the best protection: that’s why when it comes to customer satisfaction, we’re the #1 ranked alarm company in the US.



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