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Police Use DNA Evidence to Bust More Burglars

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July 9, 2012
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Police Use DNA Evidence to Bust More Burglars

It’s a fact that home security technology has evolved: just look at all the interactive monitoring and home automation services available from companies like FrontPoint. But law enforcement techniques are also showing progress, including methods that police use to link criminals to the crimes they commit. The best approach when it comes to residential crime is still to deter, delay, and detect the intruder, but burglaries do happen – about once every 14 seconds in the US. And when intruders strike, it’s good to know that technological advancements can help police bring the criminals to justice. One such method is DNA matching, being used increasingly across the US to match the perps to the crimes. Two recent articles clearly demonstrate this point – and I bet you’ll be as surprised (and impressed) as I was when I read them.

DNA Evidence Left at the Scene in Morris County, New Jersey

DNA testing is not just reserved for solving big city crimes such as homicides, but is also used to solve crimes in small towns in suburbia. Law-enforcement authorities recently used this genetic tool to zero in on a burglary suspect. According to Kinnelon Lt. John Schwartz, the Morris County Prosecutor's Office Fugitive Unit arrested Michael Zambrano, 27 of Queens, N.Y. on March 30 in connection with an alleged Aug. 23, 2011 burglary that occurred at a Harrison Road residence. Schwartz said through the use of DNA evidence taken from a car used by suspects caught at the scene, Zambrano was identified as a suspect. Schwartz said the DNA testing was conducted at the state police crime lab in January.

The Science is Getting Better

I’ve posted on other DNA-related burglary busts, where the DNA evidence may involve blood left at the crime scene, possibly from breaking a window to gain entry. Numerous open investigations have been solved using DNA matching: at the same time, this technology has been used to exonerate convicted criminals. Here’s some great information on DNA matching and criminal evidence, if you’re interested.

Another Great Example of a DNA Arrest – From Rochester, New Hampshire


Farmington police say after the discovery of a victim's lip balm in a suspected burglar's home, DNA testing led to the issuing of a warrant for the arrest of two suspects relating a burglary earlier this year. Ryan Feeney was recently indicted on burglary charges following a slew of incidents in Rochester dating back to mid-March. Jacqueline Meyer is also alleged to be involved in those incidents, and at the time was charged with two counts of receiving stolen property, one misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled drug, three counts of felony possession of a controlled drug, and one count of conspiracy to commit burglary.

Interim Police Chief Kevin Willey said evidence shows Feeney and Meyer similarly worked together to commit a burglary at a Farmington home on Cross Street reported on January 31. Willey said during his department's ongoing investigation, Feeney and Meyer were identified as possible suspects tied to the incident. A search warrant was conducted at Meyer's address in Milton where a number of items believed to be stolen were "recovered." Willey said one of the items — a lip balm believed to belong to the homeowner of the burglarized residence — matched the DNA of the victim after officials received a sample from her. "We've solved cases utilizing DNA before but this is certainly an innovative way in order to link a certain piece of property, and the victim, to suspects in a crime," he explained. "There really isn't a rational explanation about how (the lip balm) ended up in (Meyer's) possession otherwise."

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